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While I focus the majority of my energy on my own Avon customers, I also have a small Avon team and we are known as Team Purrfection!  If you have ever considered joining Avon as a rep, now is the time to do it–it’s FREE!!

From now through April 13, 2021, it will cost NOTHING for you to join Avon (unless you choose to add the $30 kit)!  What does a $0 investment get you?  You will be provided with:

  • a free, customizable eStore;
  • access to loads of educational and training materials;
  • me as your mentor;
  • a state-of-the-art social media marketing platform;
  • product discounts; and
  • rep incentives (e.g., trips, bonuses, etc.)!

Avon will send you a free gift with your first AvonNow order of any size–now through C9/21 (which ends on 4/13/21), you will receive a new Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Face Cream ($52 value)!  If your first order is $60+, Avon will add a $10 credit for you to use on your AvonNow order placed during your second campaign, PLUS 135 lip balms: (3) 15-packs EACH of Moisture Therapy, Dew Kiss, and Flavor Saver Lip Balms!!!

The current incentives and sign up kit (for a fee, if you decide you want it) are as follows:

The Pathway to Premier Incentive

ONLY for new reps during their first eight campaigns:

The Pathway to Premier incentive program shown below got a couple upgrades, including a new Mini Milestone added into the mix—all available through 4/13/21!2021 Pathway to Premier Incentive-1

2021 Destination Avon Incentive Trip to the Big Island of Hawaii

for ALL reps through 12/7/21:

Avon has an incentive trip each year for the reps to earn called Destination Avon. This year, we can earn an all-expenses paid trip to the Big Island of Hawaii!  As a new representative, all you have to do is achieve $12,000+ in sales by 12/7/21 to earn a trip for one, and if you reach $17,000+ in sales by then, you’ll get a trip for two!

The $30 All the Bestsellers kit:

2020-2-9 All the Bestsellers Starter Kit

What else is keeping you from starting on a new path that will provide fun, fulfillment, and (at least some) financial freedom? TAKE THAT PLUNGE, or let me know how I can help you take that scary first step into the unknown, so you can achieve your goals and dreams!

Ready to jump in the deep end? Sign up as an Avon rep on my team by clicking here.

Still not sure?  Contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I know this post is overwhelming and may seem like I’m a pushy mentor, but I assure you I’m not.  I will be whatever type of mentor you want/need.  This is your journey – not my idea for your journey.  Join up as a personal shopper, to make a bit of extra cash on the side, or to outdo me altogether by building a bigger business all around so you can replace income with your own thing!

Whichever route you choose, Team Purrfection is looking forward to having you aboard, and helping you on your journey as an Avon rep!

8 thoughts on “Join My Avon Team for FREE!

  1. So normally it costs to join?

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    1. hethrgood says:

      Yup—$30. The free option is just a promo they are running until 3/31, then back to biz as usual.

      Liked by 1 person

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