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This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaigns 22 and 23 as follows:


Sunday’s Highlight:

Are you a fan of body oils? Then Avon’s Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Triple Phase Oil is right up your alley! Combining vitamin E, sunflower seed, argan, babassu and macademia oils, this blend is guaranteed to nourish, protect and hydrate your skin. It’s not greasy, absorbs quickly and has a delightfully light scent of macadamia and vanilla. Just shake the bottle to combine the oils, empty a dab in your palm and apply it to freshly cleansed skin. Take advantage of this killer deal at $10.99 each (regularly $20) before it ends! Continue reading

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last selfie post and I feel I need to address the reason why. On October 10, my boss and friend of 8-1/2 years unexpectedly passed away. It’s been a great struggle since. That said, life continues to go on and I’m trying to remember how to do “normal”. Selfies are definitely a part of my normal, so this post features the few that have been taken in the past two weeks. And here we go…

I started out a couple of weeks ago feeding my obsession with Avon’s Velvet Choker with Luxe Look of Garnet Charm – luscious!

Thank the gods that I managed to land one of these babies before they SOLD OUT – that was a close call!! Whew!

Specifics: I had to tie the back of the choker bands into a knot before hooking the closure so it would stay put and not dip forward from the weight of the charm. This is never a surprise for me as I have a skinny neck. Aside from that, she sure is a beaut! A very Victorian look…right up my alley!

43460564_2160848554203204_7720583016006811648_o Continue reading

prod_1186651_xlIt’s Favorites Friday!!

I adore Avon’s Beyond Color Lipstick line! The shades are on the more traditional side, which really suits me. While I like several shades in the line, my go to shade is Truffle – a deep brick red-brown. I can slather it on for a saturated and dramatic look or I can blot it to achieve various lighter versions including one that makes my lips look as though I’ve been nibbling them…a warm dark pinkish shade. Continue reading


Shower poufs are great tools – just dump a little body wash onto them, add a bit of water then squeeze, squeeze, squeeze until it’s filled with foamy goodness!  When keeping them in your home shower, they don’t pose much of a problem.  So what if you don’t get all the water and product out of it before you need to dry off?  Just hang it up and let it drip dry – easy peasy!  But what about when you travel with them? ::cue dangerous sounding music::

Continue reading


Avon’s vast product lines are overwhelming – especially when they are constantly changing every 2 weeks! Aside from testing out products on my own over the years, I started doing daily “Sale Highlight” posts. These have benefited me in two great ways: Continue reading

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