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Each Monday I gather up the daily QOTD (Quote of the Day) posts I made for the week that are inspirational, motivational or just plain funny.

Monday’s QOTD:

Mon 1 

Tuesday’s QOTD:

Tue 1 

Wednesday’s QOTD:

Wed 1 

Thursday’s QOTD:

Thu 1 

Friday’s QOTD:

Fri 1 

Saturday’s QOTD:

Sat 1

Sunday’s QOTD:

 Sun 1

Which one was your favorite this week and why? Got one to share? Drop a comment below!

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9 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. Well I hate to be a Scrooge but I happen to love Monday’s QOTD, lol. Although the rest of them are pretty funny for sure. Especially the last one about Christmas being a baby shower…lol.

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    1. hethrgood says:

      You’re not a scrooge—I love all of them for one reason or another…I dig Tuesday’s though!

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  2. masercot says:

    I gotta go with Sunday. For children, it’s an orgy of consumerism…


  3. Michelle says:

    Saturday and Sunday are awesome. I’ve always loved Erma Bombeck.

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  4. wilmajean54 says:

    My fave is”Be naughty🙃 save Santa the trip

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    1. hethrgood says:

      That’s a “good” one! 😉


  5. Monday – LOVE it!
    Tuesday – Hahaha! Usually, I’d agree, but the last one was pretty neat as it was the first after the pandemic, so I got to meet people face to face which I have not in the past (virtual only) (as they’re new and what-not).
    Wednesday – NOPE!
    Thursday – that’s an idea
    Friday – hehehe, as long as the someone that is being helped is me, right?
    Saturday – ROFL that’s what we tend to do with everything – exaggerate and take it to a level that just destroys it
    Sunday – Heh

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    1. hethrgood says:

      Re Tuesday: This year was also our first in-person holiday party since 2019, though they held it after-hours IN the office, which didn’t really feel festive. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m glad yours was good!! ♥️

      Re Friday: Not neccessarily—I generally prefer to be left to my own devices. 😉

      Re Saturday: It is—I wonder why that is. Humans are so ill-disciplined!

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