Hopelessly Heather

The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady

Shower poufs are great tools – just dump a little body wash onto them, add a bit of water then squeeze, squeeze, squeeze until it’s filled with foamy goodness!  When keeping them in your home shower, they don’t pose much of a problem.  So what if you don’t get all the water and product out of it before you need to dry off?  Just hang it up and let it drip dry – easy peasy!  But what about when you travel with them? ::cue dangerous sounding music::

We all seem to have a love/hate relationship with bobby pins.  They are a necessary evil when trying to keep complicated hairstyles in place – and sometimes simply to keep stray strands pulled back. And that’s where the hate part of the relationship comes in: they don’t like to stay put.