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Shower poufs are great tools – just dump a little body wash onto them, add a bit of water then squeeze, squeeze, squeeze until it’s filled with foamy goodness!  When keeping them in your home shower, they don’t pose much of a problem.  So what if you don’t get all the water and product out of it before you need to dry off?  Just hang it up and let it drip dry – easy peasy!  But what about when you travel with them? ::cue dangerous sounding music::

Have I got a simple solution for you!

Do the best you can to rinse out any remaining product by continually squeezing the pouf under the running shower head. When the pouf ceases to produce additional foam, set it aside until you’ve completed showering.

Once the water is turned off, but before you start to dry off, spin the pouf around as fast as you can by its string.  The centripetal force will cause the majority of the water to  spray outward from the pouf.

Finally, dry yourself and the pouf off.  I usually squeeze my pouf in a fresh hand towel to get it as dry as possible before popping it into a ziploc bag to travel in.

This process will help to keep your pouf from getting musty and gross while traveling!

Do you have additional travel tips to share?  Let us know by commenting below!



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