Hopelessly Heather

The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady


Avon’s vast product lines are overwhelming – especially when they are constantly changing every 2 weeks! Aside from testing out products on my own over the years, I started doing daily “Sale Highlight” posts. These have benefited me in two great ways:

(1) Each campaign I try to pick at least a few items on sale that I’m unfamiliar with so that I can educated myself one product at a time. Since I’m educating myself in such small doses, the knowledge sticks better.

(2) I actually make a lot of sales off of my daily Sales Highlight posts – and many folks add more items to their orders besides the product that was highlighted!

Try it out! Perhaps it would work better for you to choose one new product each week to feature.  It doesn’t even have to be on sale at all.  The best thing about being an Avon rep is that we can call the shots and do whatever suits us best!

What are your tips for sales or product highlights?

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