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Thick hair usually doesn’t accommodate high ponytails easily.  The weight of the hair pulling on the scalp creates headaches and hair ties slip as the day goes on – leaving us looking worn out and cranky.  If you are a lover of high ponytails (like me), I’ll let you in on my secret weapon to achieving the look I want without having to suffer from the negative side effects: DOUBLE (or triple) up on your elastics!

Holiday open houses are popular with both vendors and customers alike.  Customers love being able to physically experience vendor products, interact with the vendor and snatch up deals.  Vendors love customers coming to them for interaction and selling some of their extra inventory.  For an even more successful event, invite a few other vendors, provide some snacks, give away some door prizes and promote the event relentlessly.

It’s Favorites Friday!!

I know cleansers aren’t sexy to talk about, but they are mandatory to use!  Whether you go for the top shelf super duper expensive cleansers, a regular bar of soap or something in between (like most of us), we all seek out the best option for our own skin type. 

I have oily skin and have always struggled finding the right cleanser.  Many of them strip away the oils, causing breakouts and patches of dried skin.  It’s beyond frustrating to find the perfect balance between leaving my face feeling clean and not causing additional skin issues.  

Raise your hand if you have floppy ear lobes!  ::raises hand::  

Having floppy ear lobes sure does make being obsessed with earrings a bit more difficult.  As soon as I put on any earring with weight, my lobes droop forward and pull a Dumbo by flopping all over the place. But, wait – I have found a solution: earring back lifters!

This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaign 2 as follows: