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Customers still need their Avon, so on Monday I delivered CONTACTLESS, but still looked fly in Avon’s Modern Pink Y Necklace and Earring Set!

This Y necklace has a solid weight to it, so it stayed in place a whole lot better than lighter ones have–YAY!  The earrings are a light/medium weight, so they don’t drag on the lobe, but they don’t fly free in the wind either–perfect!  

I love that the stones are shaped different and aren’t perfect–it definitely makes them appear more natural.  Some folks like the see-through stones, and I would, if only I didn’t have a yellow-ish skin tone–it always skews the stone’s color.  In this case, the pink tried to hold on a bit instead of turning peach, though it does lose the battle in certain lighting.  That is purely a me issue though, which could be remedied by wearing clothing that would back it up rather than letting it rest directly on my skin.  

This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaign 8 as follows…

Another grey Monday working from home, but at least my earlobes sparkle in Avon’s Sparkling CZ Crawler!

I really love the idea of ear crawlers but, in practice, I find them a bit awkward looking on me.  Like many of my other features, I have smaller ears, with fat lobes.  I felt like these were about one stone too long to look “right” on my lobes.  I’d probably love them on someone who has larger ears.  I had to pull the “stem” out to accommodate my fat lobes, which I found to be a little scary–it wasn’t as sturdy as I’d have liked, and I fear that if I bend it too many times, it will break right off.  That said, the crawlers by themselves are deliciously sparkly and really are cool to look at!