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Virtual #AvonConvention 2021 be like…fmg Glimmer Eyeshadow Quad in Idol! Y’all know I’m a sucker for quads–collections of shades that are curated to all work with each other to deliver a complete eye look. In other words, they take the hard work out of makeup looks so those of us who are not as gifted at staring down a mega collection and picking out a few shades that will look great together–I like it when things are made easier for me. This specific quad comes with both matte and shimmer shades in hues that are more subdued for an everyday look. Don’t get me wrong–these shades can be built up to be much more dramatic in intensity, but they can also be applied lightly for more casual and professional looks. The shimmer shades aren’t overly shimmery to bring attention to fine lines and wrinkles, but offer enough of a glimmer to bring dimension to your look. While this wasn’t my most “fun” eye look, it still ticked all the boxes for the look I was trying to achieve. For those keeping score, that means these quads are still batting a thousand.

All tied up…in Avon’s Tie Front V-Neck Dress! First things first: the fucshia color of this is a vibrant breath of fresh air that would flatter anyone! While not quite a jewel tone, it’s pretty darned close, and jewel tones look great on all skin tones. The material is soft, comfy, and stretchy–similar to t-shirt material. The sleeveless v-neck top is terrific, and the belt/tie is adorable. However, there are a couple of things I wish were different. First, the empire-ish waist is just wrong, It’s kind of a hybrid of an (almost) empire waist in front, and more of a traditional waist in the back. The design probably works great on someone who isn’t curvy, but it gave me a strange shape, not really emphasizing the right lines and making both my waist and my bust look weird…and I wasn’t in love with it. The other thing that I wasn’t crazy about was the skirt. It’s so fitted on top, then gathered in the middle, which leaves lots of extra material in the skirt…and since the waistline is strangely designed, it ends up looking shapeless and unstructured. I also think the length of the skirt is too long, which is totally fixable, but that I won’t spend the time or money correcting since I’m not crazy about the bust/waistline, which can’t be corrected. The  very top portion of this dress is a huge win…until you get to the top of the waist line, then you lose me–check it out for yourself and scroll/cover the bottom portion of the dress just below my bust line, and I look great until that point! Then, look at the entire length of the dress on me and see what I see. It’s a bummer.

Settle in for a longer than usual read–there are a ton of selfies in this post!!

Vegas vacay vibes…in Avon’s Goldtone Filigree Pendant Necklace and Earring Set and High-Low Printed Top (no longer available). A few weeks ago, I finally took a vacation with the hubs to Vegas…and kicked it off in style!

Kissed by a rose…Avon’s Rose Goldtone Crystal 3 Piece Set (the studs in the set are not pictured), that is. For those that missed it in a previous post, I’m not a big rose gold fan, but I’m trying to be…and this necklace sure helped! It’s a perfect length and size to make a small, tasteful statement when worn with just about anything. These hoops are a different matter altogether. I picked these over the studs to make more of a splash but, just like previous posts, because they are wide where they thread through my ear, they lay flat and stick out the sides of my head, rather than face forward like a proper hoop should. I think it looks ridiculous–like a cartoon character. Needless to say, the hoops didn’t make the cut, but the necklace has certainly made a couple of repeat performances!

What’s your statement?  I sure made one in Avon’s Sterling Silver Statement CZ Earrings!  These were so blindingly sparkly that I couldn’t get a good clear close up photo of them, despite my trying multiple different things–if you want to see better detail, click the link above and examine the professional close up shots. In spite of the CZs’ sparkle factor being off the charts, I really wasn’t a fan of these.  And the back settings are entirely to blame.  If you look at my close up photo, you can see that the earring is not sitting flush with my lobe–that’s because when you flip over the earring, there is a four-corner post-like setting that elevates the entire CZ face, but it’s smaller in diameter than the face, so, even though it’s pretty in its own right, once it’s on the ear, you can’t see it and it makes the earring appear to be hovering above the lobe.  All day long when I saw them in the mirror, I tried to tighten up the backs, because the way the earrings sat made them look like they were loose–but they weren’t.  Total fail.