Hopelessly Heather

The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady

Another grey Monday working from home, but at least my earlobes sparkle in Avon’s Sparkling CZ Crawler!

I really love the idea of ear crawlers but, in practice, I find them a bit awkward looking on me.  Like many of my other features, I have smaller ears, with fat lobes.  I felt like these were about one stone too long to look “right” on my lobes.  I’d probably love them on someone who has larger ears.  I had to pull the “stem” out to accommodate my fat lobes, which I found to be a little scary–it wasn’t as sturdy as I’d have liked, and I fear that if I bend it too many times, it will break right off.  That said, the crawlers by themselves are deliciously sparkly and really are cool to look at!

The fam and I flew in the face of this social distancing thing on Sunday to fete my son’s and my mom’s birthdays by breaking bread together while supporting a local restaurant! The menu included Avon’s Striped 3/4 Lace Front Top, Sterling Silver Floral Front to Back Earrings, and Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick in Sand Opal!

I sized up to a medium and absolutely love the relaxed fit of this top! Long enough to act as a tunic, it covers all my problem spots AND it doesn’t cling. I’m also a fan of the classic black and white striped pattern–it never goes out of style. Worth every penny!

Last Saturday was a double date night in Avon’s Flower Burst Wire Necklace and the bloom studs from the Assorted Floral Earring Pack!
While the wire “chain” for the necklace is figid and lays awkwardly, it really is the perfect delivery system for the giant pendant–it doesn’t distract at all from the showstopper. Throughout the workday, all my coworkers couldn’t help but notice it–even the dudes! While stately, it is rather large, so not all outfits would work with it. The adorable studs were a perfect yang to the necklace’s yin–small, understated, but beautiful all on their own.

I glammed up my lobes to go listen to my bestie perform last Sunday night in the flower studs in Avon’s Holiday Glamour Stud Earring Duo (unfortunately, they are no longer for sale)!

These daisies won’t ever die–and they are perpetually in style with a super art deco feel to them!  They are modernized by their black setting, but that’s where the modern touches end.  From there, it’s all 1960s peace and love, man. 

I attended my daughter’s 28th birthday brunch last Saturday in Avon’s Spring Shimmer Earrings!

While these look just fine from a distance, I am not the world’s biggest fan of the heavily faceted plastic beads/stones that are used in jewelry settings–they look cheap and obviously fake.  These are heavily faceted.  ::sigh::  Luckily, they don’t cover a lot of surface area, so you really do have to get super close to see them in detail.  Thus, folks seeing them on me at a usual distance won’t know the difference and they won’t appear so cheap.