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I had Monday off, so I gallivanted around town to drop off customer orders in Avon’s Pearly Hoop Earrings!

These are so much prettier in person–and incredibly lightweight!  I dig the fresh take on hoops manufactured out of a string of pearls, or the fresh take on pearls by stringing them into hoops…however you want to look at it.  ::wink::  If you’re one of my longtime blog followers, you already know that I rarely meet pearls I don’t like, and this was no rarity!  Beauty, beauty, beauty!

Started the work week off consulting the stars in Avon’s Guiding Stars Zodiac Necklace in Taurus and the pink-ish studs in their Modern Stud Earring Trio! I thought the charms on the necklace would have been larger and the chain longer, but I actually like the smaller size…though it makes seeing what the charms are …

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It’s been a loooong week since my last selfie—and all of it spent sick with the flu…but I’m baaa-aaack!! Hittin’ it up in Avon’s Hexagon Layered Necklace and Hexagon Drop Earrings in Peach!

I like the peach colored stones. And their hexagon shape. And the scale of both pieces. But that’s where the positives end for me–I’m simply not crazy about the necklace. Not only has Avon released several other similar-looking layered necklaces recently, but the longest layer’s chain looks kinked–and there’s no fixing it. As a result, it looks cheap to me. The earrings are better, though I was surprised to learn they are static–they don’t “dangle”. (That’s not a bad thing, just an observation.) I just don’t think I’ll wear them again. ::shrug::

Busting into Monday with Avon’s Sterling Silver CZ Y Necklace!

This Y necklace is such a stunner!! Delicate, and floaty, this piece provides a surreal dreamy look. The larger clear pendant anchoring the Y is a brilliant surprise. I’ve got mad love for this one!!

I picked up fresh pasta in downtown Philly for dinner last Saturday night and wore Avon’s Side Tie Ruched Top in Green, Layered Chain Necklace, and the small gold ball studs from Pearly Earring Variety Pack!

This necklace is heavy!  On top of that, I kept having issues with the longest layer’s chain “kinking”.  I took it off and straightened the chain a few times before finally giving up–maybe I got a defective one.  Regardless, I still really liked the look of this one, even if it is a little bit like Mr. T’s starter pack (as the hubs likes to say).  The earrings are exactly like the first pair my ears were pierced with: tiny gold ball studs.  Traditional and works with anything–you can’t go wrong.  The variety pack is crammed with FIFTEEN pairs of earrings: five goldtone, five silvertone, and five rose goldtone–all with traditional ball studs and pearl ball studs in varying sizes–a tremendous deal!