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Flutter by, butterfly, no wings here, just Avon’s Blue Novelty Blouse with Lace, Silvertone Summer Statements Bib Necklace, and Deco Halo Stud Earrings!

As much as I love the trend, I cannot pull off the off-shoulder look–my shoulders are very narrow and wimpy looking, so wearing anything off of them tends to shine a bright spotlight on that fact…and they are not something I’m interested in people noticing.  Luckily, this top has elastic that still looks good when not worn off the shoulder–except that I did notice a tiny gap on the top of my shoulder where the fabric tented/gapped (see second pic for better close ups) instead of laying flat.  The fabric is a medium weight, so it’s not a top I’d wear in the deadliest heat of summer, but totally appropriate for cooler summer nights and days.

This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaigns 14 and 15 as follows…

Every dang weekend is grey and rainy, so I visibly protested last weekend’s weather by wearing Avon’s Modern Abalone Pendant Necklace and the fans/half shells from the Everyday Glam Stud Earring Mega Pack!

First up is the necklace–it’s a layered necklace with abalone AND a choker!!  Those two elements put this in the “I must own it” category.  However, there are two things about this necklace keeping me from absolutely loving it: (1) the choker layer looks very cheaply made in person, doesn’t lay smoothly, and (of course) my pencil-neck means it’s more of a collar necklace than a choker on me because the chain doesn’t cinch up small enough; and (2) the pendant tends to stick to my skin, and tends to hang off-kilter.  ::whomp, whomp::

The stud earrings are super cute!  Because they are so small, the detail can’t really be seen from a distance, which is a shame because the detail is what make these so great.  This mega pack has so many terrific and flexible pieces in it!

It was grey outside, but I displayed the vibrant blue of tropical oceans in Avon’s Sterling Silver Aqua CZ Necklace and Earrings!

The vibrancy of the blue is amazing in these pieces!  The CZs are larger than usual for Avon’s sterling silver line, but I’m not mad about it–they are still very tasteful and “ladylike.”  I ended up loving the necklace more than the earrings for two reasons: (1) I preferred the emerald cut of the necklace’s CZ over the square cut of the earrings, and (2) because the aqua is so dramatic, I preferred having that kind of color front and center, rather than on my lobes.  If you love opening up a jewelry box and audibly saying “wow,” then you need to own this collection!

This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaigns 13 and 14 as follows…