Hopelessly Heather

The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady

What’s your statement?  I sure made one in Avon’s Sterling Silver Statement CZ Earrings!  These were so blindingly sparkly that I couldn’t get a good clear close up photo of them, despite my trying multiple different things–if you want to see better detail, click the link above and examine the professional close up shots. In spite of the CZs’ sparkle factor being off the charts, I really wasn’t a fan of these.  And the back settings are entirely to blame.  If you look at my close up photo, you can see that the earring is not sitting flush with my lobe–that’s because when you flip over the earring, there is a four-corner post-like setting that elevates the entire CZ face, but it’s smaller in diameter than the face, so, even though it’s pretty in its own right, once it’s on the ear, you can’t see it and it makes the earring appear to be hovering above the lobe.  All day long when I saw them in the mirror, I tried to tighten up the backs, because the way the earrings sat made them look like they were loose–but they weren’t.  Total fail.

My date night palette included Avon’s Rose Goldtone Drop Earrings & True Color Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Quad in Warm Sunrise!  First things first, I apologize for the less than stellar focus of the photos–it was dusk outside and I was pressed for time, so I didn’t pull out my ring light first…and the quality of the photos suffered as a result.  ::whomp, whomp:: Y’all might recall that I’m not the biggest fan of rose gold, but these just called out to me and I had to have them–I’m so glad I got them!  They are beauties!  The stones in stud and drop portions are rose gold in hue, with clear connecting stoned between the two pieces and encircling the two larger stones.  The end result is ultra feminine and luxe!  They are light enough weight-wise that I didn’t even need to call my magic earring backers onto the field!  The eyeshadow palette was a new one for me, and I was a little disappointed that the shades didn’t remain true on my skin–they all turned pinkish.  However, I wasn’t super angry about it since it still looked good, and I got compliments from a random lady while we were leaving the restaurant after dinner.  Also, I’m still a big fan of the quads–it really takes the guessing game out of which shades work well together and where each shade should be applied.  I’m all for any time-saving strategies I can employ while primping!

Jet black on Valentine’s Day? Yes, please!  Avon’s Modern Jet Necklace and Earring Set (no longer available) was an unexpected choice for the day, but it’s been sitting on my shelf forever, and I finally wore something that I felt worked well to showcase the set.  Its design is pleasingly symmetrical, but still has multiple elements to make it different and interesting to look at.  Despite the positives, I still found the layers of the necklace to be super fussy throughout the day, and the (medium-weighted) earrings were shaped in a way that kept them banging against the side of my neck all day long, which irked me beyond belief.  And yet, I loved the look of the necklace so much, I just might break it out to wear again and just grit my teeth through the annoying bits.

Love is in the air…especially in Avon’s Dazzling Heart Earrings!  Want a set of heart earrings fit for a grown up? Search no further! These puppies are classy and a really great shade of red. The outer layer of clear stones provide brilliance, and make the red hearts really pop. I did have to bust out my magic earring backers so they wouldn’t flop forward, but they do always solve the problem, so it’s more of a minor inconvenience than a real issue. Overall, a beautiful set fit for a queen!

I got fancy for a family birthday brunch—party time!  Avon’s Rose Goldtone & Pavé Necklace and Earring Set was the perfect accessory choice for this outfit!  It was demure enough that it didn’t get in my way at all while I was bopping around the kitchen, but was still a notable set.  As a matter of fact, I’ve worn it a couple more times since, and I’m not super big on rose gold as a rule!  I loved the length of the chain, and the concentric pavé circles are super zen while also providing amped up sparkle.  This set is a 10/10!