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I got fancy for a family birthday brunch—party time!  Avon’s Rose Goldtone & Pavé Necklace and Earring Set was the perfect accessory choice for this outfit!  It was demure enough that it didn’t get in my way at all while I was bopping around the kitchen, but was still a notable set.  As a matter of fact, I’ve worn it a couple more times since, and I’m not super big on rose gold as a rule!  I loved the length of the chain, and the concentric pavé circles are super zen while also providing amped up sparkle.  This set is a 10/10!

Your girl comin’ at you in da hood…in Avon’s Drawstring Hooded Top and the large hoops from their Mixed Metals Earring Pack.  The hooded top is ultra soft and relatively thin, so isn’t bulky, but is still super warm.  Because it’s thinner, it hangs/lays beautifully, and isn’t at all clingy.  The cornflower blue is a lovely neutral that works with any skin tone.  In other words, an ideal sweater!

A little bit of soft asymmetry…in Avon’s Soft Asymmetrical Hem Top!  When they say soft, they really mean it!  It’s the ideal weight for autumn–not so thin that you freeze during the crisp mornings, and not so thick that you want to rip it off due to overheating in the warmer afternoons.  The length is a longer length, not quite tunic length, but close enough that you can get away with wearing leggings with it. The soft grey is a lovely neutral that can be accessorized with any other color or pattern.  There’s only one “miss” with this top: the ruffle.  I think it’s wrong for two major reasons: (1) the placement–right in the area I’m self-conscious about, so I’m not super excited the eye is drawn right to it because of the ruffle; and (2) it just looks like a mistake–the ruffle starts at the side seam near the waist, then moves around the front to stop about an inch or so short of the front hem near the top of the thigh.  While I’d have preferred the ruffle weren’t there at all, it sure won’t be stopping me from wearing it this season!

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One thing about being around for 134 years… you become iconic.  There is always something nostalgic and vintage with Avon.  Heather from Hopelessly Heather and I love a good classic vintage look so with the Iconic Avon collection we were inspired. On Heather:   Iconic Mini Lip Color (wearing the…

Be iconic!  A couple of Fridays ago, I dove in with the pinky-nude lippie in the green tube from Avon’s Iconic Mini Lip Color Set.  First, how cute is this set?  The packaging is such fun!  The box that the set arrives in opens like a box of cigarettes (it’s also perforated all the way around, so you can choose to tear off the lid and keep the base as a display piece), and each tub of lipstick has its own slot inside the box.  The tube designs look like they time-traveled from the 1960s.  The set includes a mauve color in the pink tube, a pinky-nude color in the green tube, and an orange-red color in the off-white tube. The lipstick itself is creamy, goes on smooth, and has a lot of color to it.  The shade I wore that’s pictured below is not too far off from my natural lip color, so it was an easy one to pick with some confidence that it would look good on without having to dab it back to a stain (which is what happened with the orange-red–yikes!).  While I love this for how adorable it is and two out of the three shades worked for me, each of the lipsticks are pretty small–perhaps about one-third the size of a normal lipstick, so you’re definitely paying for the packaging, and you have to pay for the entire set, even if you’re only interested in one or two of the shades.  I’m not mad about it, but I probably would have been if I’d only ended up liking one of the shades out of the bunch.