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What’s your statement?  I sure made one in Avon’s Sterling Silver Statement CZ Earrings!  These were so blindingly sparkly that I couldn’t get a good clear close up photo of them, despite my trying multiple different things–if you want to see better detail, click the link above and examine the professional close up shots. In spite of the CZs’ sparkle factor being off the charts, I really wasn’t a fan of these.  And the back settings are entirely to blame.  If you look at my close up photo, you can see that the earring is not sitting flush with my lobe–that’s because when you flip over the earring, there is a four-corner post-like setting that elevates the entire CZ face, but it’s smaller in diameter than the face, so, even though it’s pretty in its own right, once it’s on the ear, you can’t see it and it makes the earring appear to be hovering above the lobe.  All day long when I saw them in the mirror, I tried to tighten up the backs, because the way the earrings sat made them look like they were loose–but they weren’t.  Total fail.

Pretty pearlies make the Mondays much mo’ bettah, so I broke out something to fit that bill–Avon’s Pearly Necklace and Earring Set–which has become one of my new go-to sets–I friggin’ LOVE IT!!  The pendant and earrings are the same size, and the twisted silvertone ring encircling the pearls are a genius design that modernize an otherwise simple pearl set (not that I’m against simple in the least).  This set transition from day to night and casual to dressy.  It can quietly accessorize an ensemble, or be the soprano diva singing an operatic aria in the spotlight at center stage.  Flexibility in a jewelry set is often underrated, but I’ve noticed that I tend to favor those sets that offer it.  You shouldn’t need any other reason to get yourself this set, but I do want to alert you that it carries a ridiculously low sale price too–you just can’t lose!

Fear not, my choker game is still strong!  It took me forever to unbox Avon’s Layered Star Charm Choker (no longer available–sorry, totally my bad), and the ear crawlers from their Goldtone Everyday Earring Pack!  When I received this layered choker a million years ago, I opened up the box and the layers were all tangled–so I noped out of dealing with it, threw the mess back in the box and tossed it on the shelf with the other unopened jewelry pieces.  I never forgot about it, but every time I was in the mood to wear a choker, I’d take one look at the disaster in that box, groan, and put it off yet again.  Until I finally forced myself to take the time one morning a few weeks ago to just untangle the stupid thing…and here we are.  This particular choker is a bit fussy, as you can tell by the close up–I clearly didn’t have enough time to fix all the dangly beads and straighten the pendant before I had to start my work day.  In spite of its fussiness, I think it’s a really delicate and pretty piece, though I still wish it would have cinched it up just a tiny bit more so I could get the top layer to hang higher on my neck.  Now that it’s untangled, I’ll likely wear it again, so that’s a good sign.  I purchased the earring pack for two pairs in it:  the dangly drop earrings and these!  As soon as I saw them, I envisioned wearing them as ear crawlers, and had high hopes that they’d fit me better than actual ear crawlers do.  I have small ears, so actual ear crawlers go way up my ear, and end up looking a little weird to me.  These totally worked as I’d hoped, and I absolutely love the look–it was absolutely worth purchasing the entire earring set for these!

Who doesn’t need a little more tranquility in their life?  I certainly do!  For a recent date night with the hubs, I wore Avon’s Teardrop Necklace and Earring Set and True Color Matte Eyeshadow Quad in Tranquility.  The necklace and earring pendants are the same size, and the chain’s length on the necklace makes the pendant hang right in the hollow–it’s such a lovely place to feature a smallish pendant.  While the necklace is another new fave of mine, the earrings are not–and only because they have rounded backs.  Avon needs to just stop with the rounded earrings backs–they never lay right!  Luckily since these are pear-shaped, they laid better than other shapes do–probably because the post was at the top point, where the rounding wasn’t very pronounced.  I’m not heartbroken though, because this set was priced so low, I’d have purchase the necklace alone for that…and I’ve already worn the necklace several more times.  Money well spent.  Since it was a date night, I pulled out a “new” eyeshadow palette to experiment with, and I cannot tell you how positively gorgeous these colors are!  The teal shade (#3) is deliciously pigmented and the navy (#4) shade wasn’t as dark as I’d feared it would be.  I skipped using the white shade altogether because it’s way too white on my yellow-undertoned skin, but the light blue (#2) shade worked amazingly in the corners of my eyes, and I think it may be my favorite inside corner shade yet!  While it was a crazy bold peacock look, it worked with my other understated makeup, and the teal shade of my simple dress–nothing else competed for attention, so my eyes won the show!

It’s always appropriate to bust out the good crystal!  And so out came Avon’s Silvertone Crystal 3 Piece Set!  For those wondering, the third piece in this set (not pictured) is a pair of stud earrings that look a bit like a tiara.  This set knocked my socks off–and it’s been in heavy rotation!!  The necklace pendant’s design is pretty straightforward, but it’s so glorious!  It’s simple, elegant, and zings shine and sparkle at every angle.  Add to all that the shorter length of the chain and where that causes the pendant to hang and boom!  Total gloriousness.  These earrings are equal showstoppers that marry a stud base and a chain drop with a lightweight sparkly pendant at the bottom.  Oh, my–it’s just too much jewelry joy in one set!

Round and round we go…in Avon’s Circle Pendant Necklace & Earring Set!  Circles are traditional, clean, and elegant–and this set didn’t aim for anything different.  Because this design is so clean, it seems best suited for non-dressy occasions, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great set, because I really do appreciate its traditional simplicity.  There is definitely still room in my collection for pieces that are best worn with t-shirts, jeans, and flip-flops–this set fits that bill.

Those are all of the past month’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Pearlies

  1. OMG I love that pearl set!!!! I have just the outfit for it…gotta go, need to log into my AVON account!

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    1. hethrgood says:

      Isn’t it positively gorgeous?!?!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is!! And you know I have a thing for pearls!

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