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This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaigns 9 and 10 as follows:


Sunday’s Highlight:

Are you a little bit fruity and a little bit floral? Avon’s Lyrd Sparkling Neroli Eau de Parfum is for you! This fresh and vibrant scent features notes of sparkling neroli, bergamot, and musk making this light and delicious fragrance this summer’s must-have! Get your bottle now for only 29 each (regularly 36)!


Monday’s Highlight:

Smooth, firm and minimize – three magic little words that we all wished were contained in a tube of goodness to spread on our various body “flaws.” And Avon has brought them to us in their NAKEDPROOF line! The line contains: Smooth Moves Anti-Cellulite Cooling Gel featuring L-Carnitine and Chai Hu to target fat cells and reduce the look of cellulite; Affirm Yourself Firming Body Cream featuring Caffeine Complex that stimulates natural collagen production to visibly firm skin; and End of the Line Stretch Mark Minimizing Lotion featuring Shea Butter and Pomegranate Extract which stimulate natural elastin production to visibly reduce stretch marks! 1-2-3 – KNOCK OUT! Pick your poison for only $12.99 each (regularly $21)! Want to amp up the Smooth Moves Gel? Add on the Smooth Moves Anti-Cellulite Massager–this plug-in electronic massager has two settings to knead your cellulite-prone areas into submission! Get yours now for only $59.99 each (regularly $70)!

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Tuesday’s Highlight:

Boost your well-being, soothe your spirit, and enhance your mood with Avon’s LED light-up Pure Aroma Diffuser that will release a fine mist into the air for only $14.50 each with a $35 purchase of Avon Pure Oils ($29 if purchased separately—regularly $36)! Go the traditional diffuser route with pure oils formulated for: Happiness to infuse the air with joy and exhilaration (grapefruit, lemon, and orange oils for $15—regularly $19), Sweet Dreams to create a serene environment to rest your thoughts (lavender and chamomile oils for $23—regularly $29), Zen to provide tranquility (lavender and chamomile oils for $23—regularly $29), Eucalyptus to refresh your mind and rejuvenate the senses for $15—regularly $19, Lavender to calm, soothe, and provide balance and restfulness for $20—regularly $25, Peppermint to cool, stimulate, refresh, and invigorate for $17—regularly $21, Rosemary to get you going for $23—regularly $29, and Grapefruit to energize and brighten your day for $17—regularly $21. Or, opt-in for one of five curated roll-on oils: Energize to wake you up (almond, grapefruit peel, orange peel, and rosemary leaf oils), Focus to assist with concentration and alertness (almond, lemon peel, and rosemary leaf oils), De-Stress to calm you (almond, lavender, and peppermint oils), Aches Away to relax and soothe muscles (peppermint, rosemary lead, and almond oils), and Head-Aid to ease your mind (peppermint, eucalyptus, and almond oils)—each for $18 (regularly $23).


Wednesday’s Highlight:

Do you haiku? Avon’s super popular Haiku fragrance line has just gotten intense! Introducing three new Intense Eau de Parfum scents for $24.99 each (regularly $30): Haiku (fresh & clean with notes of Japanese yuzu, muguet, and blonde woods), Haiku Kyoto Flower (fresh & clean with notes of violet leaf, white peony, and soft cotton musk), and Haiku Sacred (fresh & clean with notes of tangerine, rose de mai, and driftwood). Haiku Sacred is also available in Body Wash ($14.99 each—regularly $20) and Body Crème ($18.99 each—regularly $23), so you can keep your fragrance layering game strong! BONUS: For a limited time, receive a free Haiku Sacred Intense try-it-size Luxury Body Crème with any Haiku collection purchase!

Thursday’s Highlight:

Spring cleaning? Make sure to add these Avon newbies to your eCart! First at bat is their Homestar Odor Eliminator for Fridge that will keep your fridge smelling fresh with its no-spill gel formula containing persimmon and eucalyptus extracts ($5.99 each—regularly $7.99). Their Morning Aura Bottle Cleaner contains 12 effervescent cleaning tablets that do all the work for you–just fill the container with water, drop in a tablet, let it sit for 1-2 hours, then rinse—no scrubbing required ($5.99 each pack–regularly $7.99). If you still want to get down in every nook and cranny of those bottles, pick up the Morning Aura Bottle Brush Set—this set of three varying sized and shaped brushes will kick banish those bottle stains for good ($9.99 each set—regularly $12.99).

Friday’s Highlight:

Help your hands, feet, and body come out of hiding from the winter with Avon’s newest offerings from The Face Shop! Newly launched is their Smile Foot Mask that’s formulated with urea, shea butter, collagen, and peppermint oil to moisturize and refresh those tootsies for $3.99 each—regularly $4.79; Smile Foot Exfoliating Cream that removes your feet’s dead skin cells and then softens and hydrates them for $9.99 each—regularly $11.99; Rich Hand V Special Care Hand Mask that’s formulated with sunflower seed to deliver moisture that will leave your hands smooth and supple for $3 each—regularly $4; and Smooth Exfoliating Body Spray that’s formulated with mung bean, black, bean, and rice extracts to smooth, moisturize, and cleanse skin for $9.99 each—regularly $11.99. Get one, or all, delivered to your doorstep today!

Saturday’s Highlight:

Get more of your cozy on with a few new additions to Avon’s Studio 1886 It’s a Breeze fashion line!  The pieces in this collection are casual, comfy, stylish, and just what the season calls for—easy and breezy.  They were designed to fit your lifestyle and make you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable.  The new pieces include a couple of tops, a dress, and a pair of shoes.  In addition to being super affordable (sale priced between $29.99 and $49.99—regularly $39.99-$64.99), all of the clothing pieces are offered in sizes XS (0-2) through 3X (26W-28W), and the shoes are available in whole sizes from 6M through 11M.  To sweeten the deal further, they can all be delivered to your front porch from the comfort of your couch!

And you are all caught up with this week’s highlights – catch you all in another week for the next roundup!

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