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I got fancy for a family birthday brunch—party time!  Avon’s Rose Goldtone & Pavé Necklace and Earring Set was the perfect accessory choice for this outfit!  It was demure enough that it didn’t get in my way at all while I was bopping around the kitchen, but was still a notable set.  As a matter of fact, I’ve worn it a couple more times since, and I’m not super big on rose gold as a rule!  I loved the length of the chain, and the concentric pavé circles are super zen while also providing amped up sparkle.  This set is a 10/10!

unnamed (27)

Dropping amethysts like…

Avon’s Sterling Silver Fleur De France Amethyst Drop Earrings are delicate with their silver scrollwork setting and light lavender amethyst center stone, and they are as pretty as a butterfly’s wings!  Feather-light and dangly, these beauties dazzle without being in your face with their presence.  In the current age of working from home and constant video-conferencing, I’ve breathed a sigh of relief in the scaled back jewelry designs of late.  Real life has forced the fashion world to pivot from the increasingly outlandish statement pieces that were de rigueur for so many years on end, and it’s been refreshing.  While some may be underwhelmed by this simplified design, I’m positively in love with it.

Enveloped in warmth and comfort…in Avon’s Envelope-Neck Top and Sterling Silver Smoky Quartz Drop Earrings!

Guys, this top!!! Okay, as much as I’ve bitched in the past about there being a lack of shape to many of Avon’s tops, the fabric of this one suits the slouchy look and manages to make it look straight up sexy with the buttons and neckline.  The oatmeal color is such a delicious neutral that I’ve decided I need more of in my closet.  I’m not sure why, but this top seriously gave me 80s vibes as soon as I put it on.  I wish I had the chunky, slouch socks to put over my leggings, and a pair of Reeboks to finish it off, but I’m no longer 15 (this comes as a surprise to some of you, I know). Instead, a pair of high heeled brown boots were substituted in and, just like that, I looked like a presentable adult. I cannot rave about this top enough–it is really all the things!!

As much as I loved the top, these earrings couldn’t have been more perfect to pair with it! The darker greyish-brown of the quartz stones were well set off against the lighter color of the top and, while still dainty, the stones are actually a pretty respectable size. Again, the traditional style of these earrings aren’t necessarily exciting, but sometimes less really IS more…and, in this case, I was seriously feeling this entire look, jewelry included.

Those are all of the past two weeks’ selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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One thought on “Droppin’ Amethysts Like…

  1. I like your energy in the top photos. You look like you had some silly fun.


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