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It’s so easy being green…in Avon’s (May) Birthstone Earring Pack (no longer available)! Simple little danglies that add just enough extra-ness to a casual ensemble. Lightweight and easy to maneuver through mask ear loops, these couldn’t be more perfect for my (current) favorite jewelry aesthetic.

unnamed (26)

Tangled up in blue…in Avon’s Winter Soft Blue Sparkle Necklace (no longer available) and Blue Frosted Teardrop Earrings (no longer available)! The necklace is stunning and HEAVY! I love how the stones alternate between large and medium to create visual interest, and the clear ice blue stones shimmer and pop with every movement–it  is really a very special thing to behold in person! I chose these earrings to pair the necklace with solely because of color, though I lucked out that the shape mimics the necklace…sadly, the frosting makes them milkier than I’d have preferred to go with the necklace, but beggars can’t be choosers. Despite the close but no cigar match between the pieces, they are both beautiful, and I am sure I’ll wear them both again in the future.

unnamed (27)

Day dates be like…Avon’s Limited Edition fmg Glimmer Glow Up, Glim Up Mega Palette (no longer available)! This palette has it all–mattes, shimmers, and sparkles, along with a few cheek shades…most of the shades are natural and neutral, which work on anyone and everyone. While the shades are buildable, I found that it took a lot of layers to build up their intensity and vibrancy, which is a pain, and time consuming–and this is one girl who is always short on time and patience. Palettes are always fun to play with but this one is not landing on my favorites list.


Walking in a winter wonderland…in Avon’s Winter Wonderland Necklace and Earrings Set (no longer available) and fmg Glimmer Satin Lipstick in Thunderbird! This is a perfectly scaled statement necklace, and I love the collection of blue stones. I dig the length of the chain–it makes the stones hang at a great height. The earrings complement the necklace very well, and they aren’t matchy-matchy. I’ve avoided wearing larger pieces the past couple of years, so this was a nice half-step towards rocking those big showpieces again. The lipstick looks warmer on camera (and in the tube) than it is live on my lips–in person it is a much brighter orange shade that I’m not overly crazy about. Also, the lipstick formulation isn’t as creamy as I’d like. The color has staying power, but that’s not necessarily a good thing when the shade isn’t quite right.


Coral speaks my language…in Avon’s Goldtone Heritage Necklace and Coral Beach Chic Drop Earrings (no longer available)! I doubled up this long necklace and absolutely adored the way it looks! The links are really cool with super interesting connections–some are pure chain and others are solid lengths of metal. The earrings are insanely lightweight and were a great pick to pair with the coral colored top and this open linked necklace. End result is an A PLUS!!


Sailing through the sky among the stars…in Avon’s Starry Night Stud Earrings! The hubs and I kicked of our trip to Vegas with these little studs bringing stars to my eyes–they are small, but mighty! They beam light around the room (and plane) like it’s their JOB. These little beauties are winners through and through–I wish they could have shared some of that winning with me while I was there!


Let’s do brunch in Avon’s Ivory Elegant Enamel Link Necklace (no longer available) and a pair of drop earrings from an earring pack I busted open some time ago and have failed to retain the name of. A lifelong friend of mine from elementary school was celebrating turning 50, and this was the first unofficial event to kickoff the long holiday weekend with dozens of peeps. The length of the necklace was exactly the look I was going for, but I was bummed that the links didn’t continue higher up on the chain. It has been a constant ripe of mine that when the designed portion of the necklace takes up half or less than half of the entire length of the necklace, it comes off as looking cheap. While I liked the necklace, I think it would have provided more of a wow factor had it been designed with more of the larger links. The other tiny issue I had with the necklace is the way the links were interlocked–the flat oval shape of the enamel links made the middle one hang wonky if it moved even a little off-center (see the close up as an example). The earrings are fun and light–the collection of shimmery circles bringing a some visual relief…and they remind me of a belly dancer’s belly chain, which makes me smile.


Drinks with the crew in  Avon’s Red Crew Neck Button Dress (no longer available) and Goldtone Filigree Leaf 3-Pack Earrings (no longer available)! We met up with a couple dozen folks for drinks, and I opted to keep it comfy while notching up the dressy factor. This dress is lightweight and has that adorable button line detail off the neckline. The shape is forgiving, which I desperately need after working from home for a couple of years (which equals increased eating and decreased movement–a terrible combination for my shape).The red color is a warm autumn shade, so it is ideal for my coloring. The only thing I’d change about it is the different hem lengths from front to back–it looks painfully disconnected and unnecessary. In the end, it’s a small thing, and not enough to make me dislike the dress.


Since the hue of dress reminded me of autumn, the leaf motif earrings were a slam dunk–and just look at how detailed the leaves are! Another lightweight set of small scaled drop earrings for the win!

E01C09D1-A93D-4706-A4A3-D5CB480D77C7 (1)

Headed to the main event…in Avon’s Golden Pearly Statement Necklace & Modern Two-Tone Earring Pack (no longer available)! The big birthday bash dinner called for some real va-va-voom, and this friggin’ amazing pearl necklace BROUGHT. IT. I cannot even tell you how much in love I am with this necklace–it is EVERYTHING! Its various sized pearls randomly placed all over keeps the eye moving and searching for some rhyme or reason (there is none), and yet, I dig it. To contrast all that is going on with the necklace, I chose a simple set of hoops with a twist–the teardrops strung on the hoops modernize the look. And, whoop, there it is!


Final brunch with the gang…in Avon’s Blonde Tortoise Bib Necklace (no longer available)! We capped off the birthday celebration with brunch, and I broke out another statement necklace–I mean, it’s Vegas…if you can’t go big in Vegas, where can you?! The tortoise shell panels are hefty, and are completely flat, so they stuck to my chest, but, boy are they pretty! I opted to add a pair of clear stoned oval studs from one of my earring multipacks from the past to complete the look and keep the necklace as the main star.

unnamed (1)

I wonder about…Avon’s Agate Natural Wonder Earring Pack (no longer available)! The hubs and I stayed a couple of extra days in Vegas, so we could make it into a bona fide mini-vacay. We got a two-hour couples massage on our final full day, so I chose to minimalize my jewelry game. The small round agate studs fit the bill, and set off well against my skin tone while looking like they belonged with my super casual top.

unnamed (2)

Living the luxe life by flying first class…in Avon’s Luxe Links Drop Earrings (sold out)! We flew back home in style, and my ears were stylin’ too! These drop hoops are so cute! The little cluster of clear stones at the top add a touch of class to an otherwise laid-back hoop. The twisted look reminds me of a rope, and their smaller scale made them ideal for travel. Adorbs!!

unnamed (3)

All we have is NOW…and some kickass jewelry! Avon’s Sculptural Pendant Necklace and Hoop Earrings (no longer available) are two classic pieces that look great on camera, and I’m in video meetings a lot! I really love how reflective these pieces are–I could darn near use them as mini mirrors, but they are a wee bit too small. The large open circle off the pendant necklace provides a nice pop without taking up a lot of surface space. Since the earrings have a thicker/wider post base, they laid flat against my lobes and stuck out at an angle from the side of my head, which isn’t my favorite look, but the hoops themselves are really lovely. So, while I’m certain I’ll wear the necklace again, I’ll likely pass on the hoops.

unnamed (4)

Those are all of the past few weeks’ selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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6 thoughts on “Day Dates

  1. I LOVE all of these looks!! But bummed that all of them are no longer available…😑

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      Yeah, all my bad—throughout the pandemic I’ve been terrible about (1) wearing jewelry/fashion pieces, (2) taking photos, and (3) posting photos on social media and writing blog reviews. Additionally, it seems as though many of the most popular pieces have been selling out before customers even have a chance to purchase them. I don’t know if that’s because Avon has lessened the amount of stock they purchase to begin with, or if Avon reps are snatching up all the stock for their customers (or to sell to others) in anticipation of there being shorts.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. May earrings no longer available? That’s… strange.
    You look great in all, but the coral earrings reminded me that you have a wild side. It totally suits you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      The entire birthstone line is no longer available…not just May.

      Thanks! The coral earrings look wild?!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahahah… they are just different from your usual preppy looks… Wild might not be the best word to describe it but it just adds a layer of ‘freedom’ to the look, which I interpreted that way.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. hethrgood says:

          Gotcha. I guess it could look kinda tiger-striped, in a corally way. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

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