Hopelessly Heather

The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady

Your girl comin’ at you in da hood…in Avon’s Drawstring Hooded Top and the large hoops from their Mixed Metals Earring Pack.  The hooded top is ultra soft and relatively thin, so isn’t bulky, but is still super warm.  Because it’s thinner, it hangs/lays beautifully, and isn’t at all clingy.  The cornflower blue is a lovely neutral that works with any skin tone.  In other words, an ideal sweater!

I wore a little lavender to get through Monday…in Avon’s Elegant Purple Necklace and lavender-y studs from their Gemstone Earring Pack!  I was happy to see the lavender in the necklace show up in photos, because it is very light in person.  As a matter of fact, when I opened the box, I thought they’d packaged a clear one by mistake.  The good news is that’s my only (minor) complaint about the necklace–it otherwise lives up to its name as it is elegant, delicate, and traditionally classic.  I was delighted to find the slightly lavender gemstone studs in the earring collection, and they go with the necklace perfectly!  Their pear-shape (that I flipped to lay down) makes for a lovely difference between the two pieces!

I broke out the big guns for date night in Avon’s Rhinestone Statement Necklace and Sterling Silver CZ Winter Flower Earrings!  When you buy a necklace with “statement” in the name, you have a certain level of expectation.  This necklace is heavy, and laden with a ton of rhinestones, so I expected it to sparkle like it belonged in the night sky…but, it doesn’t.  When expectations aren’t met or exceeded, disappointment sets in–and that’s exactly what happened when I wore the necklace for the first time.  Had I known it wouldn’t dazzle, I’d probably have skipped purchasing this piece.  However, the earrings delivered every ounce of sparkle the necklace lacked…and then some!  You can’t tell in the photos, but the earrings pop with a rainbow of sparks in the light, and boy was I impressed.  They claim to be winter flowers, but they looked a lot more like shimmering bows that belong on top off an elaborate and expensive package–perfect for a date night look!

I didn’t hang the moon, but…Avon’s Celestial Moon Natural Stone Necklace and Rhinestone Huggie Hoop Earrings sure make it look like I did!  The pendant on the necklace is a lot smaller than I imagined it would be, but I think I like it even better than if it had been larger.  This whole quarantine/social distancing/working from home thing has thrown me off my statement piece game–even being in video meetings on the regular the statement pieces seem a little too…extra.  As a result, I’ve been skipping necklaces altogether a lot the past several months, and featuring earrings instead.  I feel like I can rock statement earring a little bit easier than a statement necklace.  It’s a problem, I know…and I’m working on it; however, these daintier necklaces are the ones I’ve been gravitating to when I do wear them, so this one totally works.  Huggie earrings are always a bit of a gamble with my fat lobes–tiny huggie earrings don’t fit, so I was delighted to find these accommodated my lobes just fine, with a little extra room even!  These offer a ton of twinkly goodness, which matches up with the glint from the moon in the necklace–and the earrings themselves can be worn solo to bring a little fanciness to any Zoom meeting without going over the top.

Last Saturday was date night…in a restaurant!!  I pulled out all the stops in Avon’s Rhinestone Waterfall Earrings–these things are a little package of fancy glitz for your lobes.  They can carry an outfit solo, or you can go all-out and wear lots more “ice” for an even greater visual impact.  They are a medium weight, so I didn’t need to use my magic earring backers to keep them in place–and I was worried I’d need to, so that was a pleasant surprise.  While definitely a little too “extra” for every day wear, they will certainly make a repeat performance at some point when I dress up!