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Lace it up in Avon’s Lace-Up Detail Top and Natural Wonder Agate Earring Pack! The top is cut in a snugger fit than I usually gravitate to, but the variegated coloring and the medium-weight of the material made it lay flatteringly, causing my problem areas to disappear. The color is perfect for autumn, as is the weight–not too heavy for the warmer days, and not too light for the cooler evenings, plus you can easily layer it. In addition, the super cute lacing on the shoulders adds a fun focal point!


These agate drop earrings (only one great pair out of six) are super vibrant, and they provided a fabulous pop of color against the muted purple of the top. I was surprised by how lightweight these were–it didn’t even feel like I was wearing any earrings at all. They are a lovely size–not too large, and not too small–so they make a visual impact, but it’s just enough of an impact, because they don’t overpower an outfit. The only negative about these earrings is that they are so lightweight that I darn near forgot to take them out before going to bed!


Capture your own shimmer…in Avon’s Shimmering Aurora Drop Earrings! These earrings are so dang pretty–if there were ever a pair of earrings befitting a mermaid, these are it! The colors shimmer and shine, and constantly change like looking through a kaleidoscope or a multifaceted crystal mirror ball. Another lightweight pair of danglies, these will pack a big punch of wow to any monochromatic outfit. Dazzle and bedazzled!


Go bold or go home? How about go bold AT home in Avon’s Luxe Links Bold Necklace and Off the Chain Hoop Earrings! This collar necklace is some heavy-duty hardware! Its weight alone keeps it in place all day long, and she’s a beauty! My only (miniscule) gripe is that the links are so thick, and the clear stones are so rigid, that the necklace doesn’t have much give, which causes it to buckle at its joints, rather than lay flat. In other words, the photo shows it laying as it ought to, but when my body moved during the day, the necklace didn’t always remain laying flat against my skin. Likely not another soul would even notice that, but I noticed it.

The hoop earrings are gorgeous, but their design caused them to appear as though they stick out from the side of my head, which is more a testament to my weird physique than the earrings themselves. They are a light to medium weight, so can comfortably be worn all day without your lobes groaning under the pressure. The concentric circles are a visually soothing look, and the outer ring features a rope design that keeps them from being boring.


When the glimmer in her eye matches the glimmer ON her eye…in Avon’s fmg Glimmer Eyeshadow Quad in Maven & Shimmer Shadow in Peach Sapphire! The quad and shimmer shadow work amazingly well together. Despite its name, the peach sapphire shimmer shadow is less peach and more brown. I’ve sung the praises of the quads in the past, and they hold true with this one too–all the shades work beautifully together so you can create an entire look with a single quad. They include a mix of matte and shimmer buildable shades, so you can go a variety of directions, depending on your mood, or desired look. The shimmer shadow comes in packaging that reminds me of lip gloss–all the way down to the applicator; however, the buildable shadow goes on creamy and dries quick. While this wasn’t my most favorite palette (it was a lot of muted browns), it did the trick for a casual day-date, and is work-appropriate.


When the night shimmers…in Avon’s Night Shimmer Drop Earrings! I don’t know why, but I find drop earrings that comprise a straight line to be really elegant–and these lightweight baubles do not disappoint! I love that the glass beads are all different from each other, with the bottom teardrop bead acting like a pendulum with every movement of the head–they are GLORIOUS!

5582A4F9-5991-40F9-AC91-EAE18D08A051 (1)

Get cozy…in Avon’s 2-Pack Long Sleeve Tunics, Cozy Long Cardigan (sold out), Filigree Leaf Long Pendant (sold out), and Shimmering Teardrop Earrings (sold out)! These tunics are EVERYTHING! Super soft, flattering in cut and color, and the perfect weight to use as layering pieces–what more could you ask for?! The cardigan looks like it’s heavier than it is, making it a great layering piece, with a super chic leather-like edge running along the front. There are pockets (WINNING!), but no built-in way to close the front, which is my only complaint with it. The tunic and cardigan together make for a perfect pairing to combat the chillier autumn mornings and evenings.


I previously reviewed the necklace in silvertone, so I’ll skip reviewing it here, but these drop earrings are stunning! The blue reminds me of tropical water, and I really dig the bohemian wire setting, which give them a handcrafted look and feel. Once again, they fall in the lightweight category, so my ears have been happy with all of my jewelry choices this month.


I hosted a kids’ activity table at my company’s virtual Halloween party…in costume. For your viewing pleasure…in Avon’s fmg Glimmer Satin Lipstick in Wild Rose, True Color Matte Eyeshadow Quad in Tranquility (discontinued), True Color Super Shock Gel Eye Liner in Aqua Pop (discontinued), and blush and eyeshadow shades from the fmg Glimmer Glow Up, Glim Up Mega Palette! With such great, vibrant and buildable shades, Avon’s makeup is flexible enough to deliver looks for casual days, work days, date nights, and special occasions that call for extraordinary looks, including those befitting an elf! Happy Halloween, my friends!



Those are all of the past few weeks’ selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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