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prod_1186651_xlIt’s Favorites Friday!!

I adore Avon’s Beyond Color Lipstick line! The shades are on the more traditional side, which really suits me. While I like several shades in the line, my go to shade is Truffle – a deep brick red-brown. I can slather it on for a saturated and dramatic look or I can blot it to achieve various lighter versions including one that makes my lips look as though I’ve been nibbling them…a warm dark pinkish shade.

Besides my clear appreciation for the line’s shades, I really like the feel of the lipstick itself. Even when left unblotted on my lips, it fails to feel like a foreign object has just landed there so that I unconsciously bite off all the color. It doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry or abused, nor does any of the deep shades stain my lips to the point that I have to use a remover to get it off should I decide to go in a different color direction.

I utilize this most days and yet a tube of it will last me 6-7 months. When on sale, that translates to just a few pennies per day – crazy affordable!

What’s one of YOUR favorite products this week? Share it with us in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Favorites Friday: Beyond Color Lipstick

  1. Rakkelle says:

    A deep brick red-brown! Sounds like a color that will go with all complexions. 💄

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