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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last selfie post and I feel I need to address the reason why. On October 10, my boss and friend of 8-1/2 years unexpectedly passed away. It’s been a great struggle since. That said, life continues to go on and I’m trying to remember how to do “normal”. Selfies are definitely a part of my normal, so this post features the few that have been taken in the past two weeks. And here we go…

I started out a couple of weeks ago feeding my obsession with Avon’s Velvet Choker with Luxe Look of Garnet Charm – luscious!

Thank the gods that I managed to land one of these babies before they SOLD OUT – that was a close call!! Whew!

Specifics: I had to tie the back of the choker bands into a knot before hooking the closure so it would stay put and not dip forward from the weight of the charm. This is never a surprise for me as I have a skinny neck. Aside from that, she sure is a beaut! A very Victorian look…right up my alley!


I took this one last week, on the day my world fell apart as I’d known it, I tested out Avon’s True Color Lipstick in Sparkling Mauve – it is a lovely warm shade of pink and has a small amount of sparkle to it as opposed to looking like I kissed a bowl of glitter. A nice neutral shade that I’ll likely wear more in the spring and summer than the deeper shades I tend to prefer in the autumn and winter.

Life – 1; Heather – 0

At least my lips look goooooood!


I dipped my toe back into “normal” mode and tried to look decent in Wednesday’s selfie – particularly because Avon’s Silvertone Sparkling Accents Choker and Sparkling Ice Statement Earrings are both sights to behold!

Certainly not my best shot ever, so please ignore me and just look at these pieces! So much sparkly goodness – and a (wait for it) choker to boot!! Down to the nitty gritty…

The choker chain didn’t allow me to cinch it up so it laid across my mid-neck. Yes, I could have jimmy rigged it by tying the chain, but I simply didn’t have the energy to deal with it. Regardless, this tasteful bit of gorgeousness will certainly be a repeat player.

The earrings are truly beautiful, but fairly heavy. My lobes were overjoyed and, I swear, gave an audible sigh of relief when I removed them upon arriving home. Good for short stints or those who have stronger lobes than my own floppy ones.


Prefer a traditional and classy vibe? Avon’s Emerald Cut Aqua Necklace is just the ticket!

There’s not one negative thing anyone could ever say about a traditionally styled piece of jewelry. One thing that makes this particular necklace stand out is it’s vibrant aqua color – it’s like being in Mexico at the beach all over again!


And that closes out the last two weeks of selfies! Which pieces were your favorite and how would you have styled them?

4 thoughts on “Aqua Velvet Ice

  1. Rakkelle says:

    Sadness in your eyes. Beautiful pieces though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      Impossible to hide it. None of my selfies in the past week and a half have been “decent”.

      Liked by 1 person

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