Hopelessly Heather

The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady


For the last 3 years in my Avon FB Customer VIP Group, I’ve posted LOADS of photos of my two kitties getting in on the Avon action by inspecting and supervising every aspect of my business. I’m giving them their fully public debut with this behind the scenes shot yesterday while I snagged my AM selfies – both kitties were supervising mama as per usual! They are always on the job making sure I put out a good product!

SIDE NOTE: My kitties plus the kitties of my first two Avon team members are how we arrived at our team name, Team Purrfection – dorky, we know!

You are hereby forewarned that there will be future public posts of Domino (AKA: Baby Cat) and Sienna (AKA: Big Kitty)!


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