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A former Avon lady returns to the fold with a bang! After being one of my top customers for the past several years, Melinda MacFall rejoined Avon in mid-July during the Share the Love Incentive and has been showing everyone how it’s done ever since!  She just completed the Kickstart Incentive, netting herself loads of freebies, prizes and nearly $1,300 in commissions! She is taking over the Avon market in Suisun City, CA, is a high school friend of mine and is an amazing addition to the team!  Read on to find out more about her!

When/why did you become an Avon rep?
Honestly, to support my own Avon purchases. I had sold it back in the 90’s, and wanted to get back into it – then the right opportunity came up, so I started selling it again.

Top 5 must have Avon products?
The Anew Hydra-fusion line – all 4 products, their Cushion Walk® shoe line, the FootWorks Cracked Heel Cream, the Gel Finish Nail Enamel and the Anew Clean Wipes.

Favorite beauty/fashion tip(s)?
Simply put: moisturize – and make sure it’s got a decent SPF included (why I love the Anew products).

What Avon item(s) are you currently obsessing over?
The Frosted Citrus Bouquet body cream, hand cream and body cream.

What was the first Avon product you tried?
Back in the day, the Cherry Jubilee Lipstick – it was my favorite lipstick.

Favorite/proudest/funniest beauty/fashion memory?
Not necessarily Avon-related but, about ten years ago, I went to Santa Cruz for a bachelorette weekend – and I swore I had put my moisturizer with 30 SPF on, but I found out at the end of the night, I had not done so. Because I was wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses all day, from my nose down I was a lobster. So my girls and I laughed so hard and still talk about that to this day. One reason why I always moisturize – and when in doubt, I do it again.

What is your top selling item/category?
Toss up between jewelry, skin care and the classics (like Candid).

Top tip(s) for finding new customers/team members?
Truly – the product sells itself. I wear a lot of Avon clothing and when people compliment my clothes, I tell them it’s Avon and that I sell it.

What are your Avon goals?
It was originally just to support my own habit, but it’s grown into having extra cash for vacations.

Words of wisdom to folks on the fence about joining Avon?
Just jump in and do it – you’d be surprised how easily the products sell themselves.

Thank you for letting us learn more about you!

Order from Melinda’s Avon eStore, or connect with her on Facebook or Instagram!


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