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I’d been in serious need of a mask for a long while – I should be better about doing them, but I consider myself lucky if I manage to remove makeup and wash my face before slamming into the pillow at night!  I finally got around to doing it last Saturday night and decided to scare you all with the pics cuz I’m a sharer! 😉  I do think it’s hilarious that Facebook knew the second pic was of me but had no clue the first pic was – so much for facial recognition, eh? Just walk around with a charcoal mask on your face and you are good!

I have an oily, acne-prone teenager face, so I use Avon’s Clearskin® Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask.  It’s effective for me, and I really like it primarily because it changes colors to let you know you’re done!

How did YOU spend your Saturday night?


I demanded attention on Monday in Avon’s Sculptural Statement Necklace and Silvertone Metallic Thread Double Ball Earrings! The earrings are feather light and truly lovely! The necklace is like wearing a plate of armor (it’s hefty!) and reminded me of a stegosaurus, but in shinier and has prettier colors – a great statement piece…who doesn’t want to channel their inner dinosaur?! 😉


How are you greeting Tuesday? I met the day in Avon’s Perfect Harmony Beaded Earrings which were snagged on clearance – yay for clearance deals! The earrings do jangle, but not as noisily as I’d anticipated. They are also heavier than I thought, but not ridiculously so.  Avon’s Feather Delicate Layered Choker Necklace is also pictured and is a fave choker that I’ve previously reviewed.


I went for the exotic on Thursday with Avon’s Metallic Bead Pendant Necklace and Goldtone Chain Fringe Linear Earrings!  These little earrings pack A TON of glam and the necklace is super flexible! You can wear the necklace long so it looks like a piece from a distant land or you can pair it with a boho outfit or you can loop it around your neck to shorten the chain and turn the pendant into a celebrity!


I was channeling weekend vibes while working on Friday in Avon’s Mark Slip On By Dress (no longer for sale)! The dress is VOLUMINOUS and I previously exchanged the small for an extra-small, which I’m NOT. Due to the fact that there is so much material and the dress doesn’t have a lot of shape, the size of my bust made this dress look like a tent on me. In order to provide shape, I donned a simple white button down and tied it around my waist – the only negative was that the button downs I currently own are fitted which caused the knot to be tight against my body – not a huge problem except that the material is slippery and I had to yank my top back down all day. NOTE TO SELF: Get a bigger button down. Regardless, I LOVED the look! I received compliments from several coworkers – one asked if I was going to a sock hop! *giggle*


I paired the dress above with Avon’s Ancient Azure Necklace which was ordered as a demo but was on back order until I FINALLY received it a week or so ago. I opted to double it up around my neck as I wanted a semi-boho look going on (which I clearly failed at with the sock hop comment!). It’s a truly lovely piece with multicolored deep blue and antiqued gold stones all varying in shapes. It’s heavier than anticipated, and didn’t budge!


And that covers this week’s selfies! Let me know what YOU think of the jewelry and clothing pieces I wore this week in the comments!  Do you use face masks?  If so, let me know YOUR fave(s) below! Got selfies of your own from this past week? Drop a link!

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