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Those who know me know I have a serious necklace habit with a tremendous lack of impulse control when it comes to chokers. There is rarely a choker I’ve met that I didn’t then covet or own. My love of chokers began when I was a preteen. I was drawn to the Victorian era ladies who wore chokers and I thought they were beautiful and elegant. I figured I could achieve a bit of their elegance by crafting my own choker with ribbon. Thus, my love affair with chokers was born.

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I failed to purchase a mass-produced choker until they once again became fashionable in the 1990s. I made up for lost time and purchased several legit chokers in various styles to whet my voracious appetite. As the fashion world moved away from chokers, I continued to occasionally wear them in defiance and took great care that my treasures would not be broken.

Chokers are now making a comeback and I’m ALL OVER IT. I greedily scoop up as many different styles/colors as I can knowing how fickle the fashion world’s love is and that I may need to wait DECADES before they come back again while I’m still living.

Avon has been actively feeding my choker obsession without breaking my budget for nearly a year now and I could not be happier – they do NOT disappoint! Despite my occasional concern that one won’t cinch up on my skinny neck enough to be considered a traditional choker, I have been beyond pleased to don them with success! They nearly always achieve perfect placement and feature the most adorable adornments.

This is exciting news for my fellow choker aficionados: Avon currently has LOTS available for purchase – and I own them ALL!  If you want to get your hands on some, I strongly suggest checking out the entire line and snatching up the styles you want NOW – they are wildly popular and tend to sell out in a hurry. People have even private messaged me asking if they could purchase MY chokers. *laughs maniacally*  As if.

If you are fellow choker lover, holler at your girl!

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