Hopelessly Heather

The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady

Everyone loves getting bonuses and perks with their jobs!  Just because Avon is a a side hustle for me doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy achieving incentives to win prizes and getting swag bags at events!  Luckily, Avon is incredibly generous and I’ve gotten loads of prizes and freebies over the years.  The slideshow above only shows a portion of the goodies I’ve received over the past 3 years.  (Prior to that I failed to capture and post photos.  Sorry, my bad.)

What was the first perfume you wore? The first makeup product? The first skin care product you bought? Buckle your seat belts and be prepared for a walk down memory lane as I admit to some of my firsts!

Building a team is something I’m relatively new at. For the longest time, I focused ALL of my attention on building up my Avon customer base and becoming the best Avon lady I could be. That suited me just fine for a long time but the more your customer base grows, the more likely it will be that one or more of them will want to join your team.

Those who know me know I have a serious necklace habit with a tremendous lack of impulse control when it comes to chokers. There is rarely a choker I’ve met that I didn’t then covet or own. My love of chokers began when I was a preteen. I was drawn to the Victorian era ladies who wore chokers and I thought they were beautiful and elegant. I figured I could achieve a bit of their elegance by crafting my own choker with ribbon. Thus, my love affair with chokers was born.