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A question that comes up A LOT is: I’m going to do my first event – what Avon products should I have for sale?

Avon has a ridiculously HUGE line of products that changes with every campaign – EVERY TWO WEEKS!  When you’re new to the bazaar world, it’s next to impossible to anticipate which products among hundreds (if not thousands) will be the best sellers.


My main table at my Third Annual Spring Fling Open House in May 2018

When I did my first event in 2015, I had this same question and ended up opting to diversify my offerings to see what my customers really wanted. I can tell you with certainty that customers WILL want (and expect you to have on hand): original SSS body spray, SSS bug guard, wash off waterproof mascara, makeup remover lotion, tubes of hand cream (moisture therapy and silicone glove are most popular with my customers), lip balms, SSS foaming body wash and Anew Clean facial wipes. These ALWAYS sell well and, quite often, sell OUT.



Jewelry section

Jewelry is always popular – though I’ve found my customers like to handle jewelry pieces before buying them, so leaving them in their original boxes didn’t work AT ALL.

Nail polishes also sell well – make sure customers can see the shade of the polish – either dab the color on the box, remove it from the box altogether or invest in nail wheels with the shades painted on.

Makeup is a bit tougher as it’s very personalized – lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras and liners are fairly safe to carry.

Skin care products are often fairly spendy and folks almost never want to buy a full sized product if they haven’t used it before – so have samples on hand and sell the trial sized products.


Fragrance testers


Fragrances are also tough to gauge – have samples and testers on hand for customers to check out…you can usually carry the longtime sellers and find buyers for them (e.g., Imari, Wild Country, etc.).

Bath and body products usually do decently – the Senses line of shower gels, bubble bath and body creams are affordable and relatively popular at bazaars.



Part of fashion section

I also carry some fashion accessories like scarves, handbags and the like – they are great for gift giving. I DO NOT carry clothing.

Scented candles are often good sellers, but other home products are hit or miss.

As to how much you should carry – that is completely up to you! I suggest starting small and working your way up to where you want to be – it’s easier to manage and work out the bugs that way!

Not sure you want to jump right into a bazaar? Try out a small pop up at a restaurant or somewhere similar first and see what interests YOUR locals!

Think there are products missing from the list of must haves above?  Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Your First Avon Event: What Should You Have for Sale?!

  1. I think having a variety is definitely important.

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    1. hethrgood says:

      It is, but no matter how much variety you have, it will never be enough—customers are always asking for stuff I don’t have on hand, or that was discontinued ages ago.

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