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Are you thinking about joining a direct sales company, but you are nervous, unsure or not ready?  Perhaps you are already on a direct sales team and have someone who is nervous, unsure or not ready?  There are a couple of ways nervous Nellies can test the waters without putting forth money or too much effort.  This post will be specific to joining Avon, but if you are interested in another direct sales company, you can revise the ideas below as needed:

Try-It Kits/Helpers

Try-it kits only work for people who are local to their potential mentor.  Essentially, the mentor provides their potential team member (“PTM”) with a few brochures, some samples, some order forms and a list of instructions.

The instructions specify dates to gather orders, when orders need to be given to the mentor and when orders will arrive.   They also line out payment requirements (usually cash collected up front with any shipping, handling and taxes added to the order).  And finally, they discuss earnings the PTM will receive based on total size of orders.  Some mentors have additional instructions as well.  They can be as simple or detailed as you like.

The PTM then gathers orders and payments, provides same to the mentor and delivers the orders to their customers after picking them up from the mentor along with their cut of the earnings.

Many PTMs choose to go this route because they can earn their kit fee while building their customer base at the same time.

Parties (Online or Home)

PTMs choose to host a home or online party.  Like most parties, there is an earnings schedule which is usually a dollar amount put towards their own order but, in this case, they would get the dollars instead of having a credit towards their own product purchase.

Since the party invitees will all be from the PTM, they can see which members of their own network are interested in the products and would be most likely to become future customers.  The dollars the PTM receives from the party go towards their kit fee and to help get their business started.

It all comes down to communication.  If you’re interested in joining someone’s team, talk to them.  People are creative and can find the right solution for you and your situation.  Any objection can be overcome with the right motivation and a little thinking outside the box!

2 thoughts on “Nervous Nellies

  1. Rakkelle says:

    It always comes down to communication.

    What made you join Avon, as opposed to Mary Kay. I once went to a Mary Kay party, where the host was desperately trying to recruit the guests to join her team. 😯

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  2. hethrgood says:

    I posted the story about why I joined Avon here:


    As far as MK – I found their products outside of my budget as a young mom. Their product line was smaller than Avon’s, the starter kit was more spendy and they required minimum purchases. No thanks.

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