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This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaign 21 as follows:


Sunday’s Highlight:

Continue to prepare for the chillier temps with the addition of socks and tops to Avon’s Studio 1886 Cool for Fall fashion line! They are designed to fit your lifestyle and make you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable. In addition to being super affordable (sale priced between $5.99 and $39.99—regularly $7.99-$49.99), the tops are offered in sizes XS (0-2) through 3X (26W-28W), and the socks fit shoe sizes 6-11. Order your faves for direct delivery to your front porch!

Monday’s Highlight:

Stain remover is not a sexy product, but the results from a stain remover definitely is!! Avon’s Fresh Fiji product line includes their fresh scented Laundry Stain Remover in both Spray ($9.99 each—regularly $12.99) and Gel ($6.99 each—regularly $8.99). Pick your preferred delivery system, and receive the same powerful enzyme formula that will pretreat and remove those tough, set-in stains with ease. Plop one in your shopping cart to add to your laundry room today!


Tuesday’s Highlight:

Discover the fountain of youth with Avon’s Veilment Macadamia Oil Revitalizing line! The line features a Body Mousse and a Foaming Shower Gel formulated with macademia oil to nourish skin for $19 each (regularly $24). The creamy whipped body mousse is enriched with vitamin E and antioxidants that melt into the skin to long-lasting moisturization, leaving it feeling soft and supple. The shower gel is enriched with vitamins, omega acids, and antioxidants to nourish, soften, cleanse, revitalize, and protect skin to keep it looking radiant.


Wednesday’s Highlight:

No water? No problem! Avon’s Elastine Restore & Detox Dry Shampoo cleanses and refreshes hair while enhancing color and extending styling. Available in Enigmatic Dark, Fearless Brunette, and Incredible Invisible for $16 each (regularly $19)!


Thursday’s Highlight:

Does your face suffer from discoloration, dryness, lines, oiliness, or signs of aging? Check out Avon’s Solutions line to put those worries in the #ProblemSolved column! The Oil Balancing Cream minimizes pores and reduces shine with its blend of chia seed and mineral mattifying powders. The Anti-Aging Cream replenishes and restores plumpness to bring back an overall youthful look with its moisturizing formula featuring a vitamin blend, sunflower extract, and chia extract. The Banishing Cream Skin Discoloration Improver evens your skin tone and improves the appearance of skin discolorations. The Nurtura Replenishing Cream tackles dryness by gently adding moisture to sensitive skin. The Dramatic Firming Cream comes in a jumbo size and handles lines—it firms and smooths your skin to help remove fine lines and wrinkles. Get your hands on them all for only $5.49-$7.99 each (regularly $10-$15)!

Friday’s Highlight:

Keep your lips kissable with Avon’s VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot! The Tint Bar combines tint and primer in a lip balm that rolls on smooth and leaves a shine in its wake. Available in three shades for only $18 each (regularly $23)!


Saturday’s Highlight:

Craving springtime? Snag a bottle of Avon’s belif The Garden Eau De Parfum—a fresh and vibrant scent featuring notes of citrus, spring blossoms, and musk—for an intro price of only $45 each (regularly $55)!

And you are all caught up with this week’s highlights – catch you all in another week for the next roundup!

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8 thoughts on “Sale Highlights: Socks and Tops

  1. Is the Garden Eue De Parfume strong? Or is in subtle like the freesia Eud De Parfume? That one is so subtle yet it’s scent is clean and fresh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      Unfortunately, Avon has not produced samples for this scent yet, but I will check to see if I have a bottle in my inventory, though I’m not 100% sure that I do. If I have a bottle, I’ll mail you a cotton ball sprayed with it so you can check it out for yourself.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, because I absolutely LOVE the perfume I bought last time. Freesia is one of my favorite scents and I wear it all the time, I may need to buy another bottle soon I think 😎

        Liked by 1 person

        1. hethrgood says:

          The LYRD line seriously rocks—my fave scent (for the past year or so) is the LYRD Artisan Cherry Vetiver EDP…it’s sweet and warm, such a great scent combo!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ohhh, I may have to try that, maybe you can send me a sample if you have one. I’ll send you a self addressed envelope if you’d like.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. hethrgood says:

              No need—I DO have samples of that, and will get it out to you, along with the other one (if I have it).

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Cool beans, thanks my friend 😃😁💜

                Liked by 1 person

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