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One of the things I’ve done for several years is post selfies of me wearing Avon products – many of them feature Avon jewelry as I have a bit of a jewelry habit (“problem” sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it?) and will also supplement my wardrobe with Avon fashion pieces as well as occasionally test out other makeup shades – usually on my lips.

I jingled and jangled through Monday in Avon’s Modern Reds Pendant Necklace and Metallic Goldtone Pretty Petals Earrings.  The necklace is a great long piece with stones in various shades of red. I picked up the earrings on clearance and found them to be a bit on the heavy side and incredibly noisy to wear, but they sure are gorgeous!


Another day, another selfie! On Tuesday I featured Avon’s Lavish Links Long Necklace (a stunning asymmetrical gold piece), Natural Beauty Drop Earrings (super lightweight and fun) and the newly released True Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss in Estrella.

My mini review of the lip glow: as Avon promised in their ad copy, it isn’t sticky, though your hair WILL still stick to your lips as it’s still moist. It took several coats to achieve the shade of berry the tube seems to promise as it goes on much more sheer and light than anticipated. Overall, a nice tinted lip gloss.


And that covers the past week’s selfies! Be forewarned, some weeks this post will be LONG with a ton of photos of me – I apologize in advance!  😉

2 thoughts on “Selfie Summary Saturday

  1. Noisy jewelry? Might be amusing for the first 10 seconds, but then… No, thank you.

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    1. hethrgood says:

      Agreed. 100%.

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