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It’s Favorites Friday!

I totally dig Avon’s Wash Off Waterproof Mascara. It has been a mainstay in my makeup bag for more than 20 years now – I cannot say enough good things about it!

It’s not goopy, definitely stays put and has NEVER failed me – even during huge cry-fests…not one bit of mascara flaked off or ran down my face – yet it washes off easily! While it used to be available in several colors, it is now only available in black, but I’m a basic girl when it comes to my mascara anyway and have always stuck with black. Who really needs more than the basics, except for fun on occasion? Not me, for sure.

PLUS it is regularly on special so you can get it incredibly cheap, which is when *I* stock up!

If you haven’t already tested it out and become a fan of it yourself, Avon’s 100% satisfaction guarantee should push you over the top – you’ve truly got nothing to lose!

Now tell me: what’s one of YOUR favorite Avon products?

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