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One of the biggest complaints that I hear from my Avon customers is that it’s difficult to find a lipstick shade that works for them.  They are always skeptical when I tell them I have a trick that will make any lipstick shade work for them, but the ones who actually test out my tip are always amazed and can’t stop gushing about it!

I created the following video a couple of years ago to demonstrate how the tip works – please forgive my serious awkwardness and the bad bathroom lighting!


Items you will need to test out the tip: lipstick, clear lip gloss, a mirror and a tissue.

I actually tested this tip out on a large scale at a local Avon meeting.  I provided each attendee (one was male!) with a tube of clear lip gloss, had them choose a lipstick sample that they wouldn’t normally choose because they thought it wasn’t a good color on them, then I passed out mirrors and tissues.  I took before and after photos and everyone was impressed with the results, and some were so impressed that they tested out several other shades to see how well the tip works!

Did you test it out?  Comment below with your results or share a tip of your own!

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