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Last Saturday I went casual to dinner with motorbike friends in Avon’s stinkin’ cute boho Mark Printed Dreams Off the Shoulder Top. This top is THE CUTEST!! I love that I could wear it on my shoulders or off my shoulders and it looked great both ways – sometimes it seems as though off the shoulder tops look weird when you wear them on the shoulders. Anywho, the length is perfect – not too short where it shows my mama tummy and not too long where it looks like I’m playing dress up in a giant’s clothes. The pattern is vibrant and delicious! But the sleeves….oh, the SLEEVES! These are a thing of fluttery beauty! And they are 3/4 length, so their ruffliness doesn’t drag through your food when you eat. (I know, first world problems, but it’s seriously annoying with other long bell sleeved tops.) If you haven’t been sold on getting yourself one of these – I honestly don’t know what’s keeping you from making them sell out stat!


It’s nearly a footnote in comparison to my verbal diarrhea of love about the top, but the Beaded Choker Moon Charm Necklace (no longer available – my choker hoarder tendencies are on full display here) is truly adorbs (like its sisters in the same series) and the Pacific Rays Pace Linear Earrings were lovely as well!


My jewelry hoarding/buying splurge tendencies were on full display again on Monday with Avon’s Colorful Charm Love Necklace (no longer available) and Beachy Beaded Goldtone Tassel Earrings. I’d had both pieces for quite awhile and just hadn’t gotten around to featuring them – totally my bad! While I was a bit slow in the unboxing they were both great pieces! IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: The earrings were NOT noisy and didn’t annoy me with their beadiness banging against my head.


I took Tuesday by the toes and DESTROYED it in Avon’s True Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss in Mercury and Silvertone Orbital Necklace and Earring Set! The necklace and earring set is classic! The earrings didn’t make any noticeable noise when moving about, though the necklace’s rings clinked quite a bit. If I’d have looped the necklace chain to shorten the entire thing, that may not have been an issue, though. The lip color is a lovely berry! I had to put on 3 layers to achieve the shade’s intensity, but it stayed put until lunchtime – and I was STILL feeling the moisturizing effect from it on my lips 15 hours later! Total win! How did you take on Tuesday?


I hit the ground simple on Wednesday in Avon’s Silvertone Linked Earrings!  Great, light and QUIET earrings – check, check and check!


Thursday I stuck to the classic jewelry theme I’d set this week with Avon’s Teardrop Pendant (there are 6 different styles available in the Pendant Collection) and Silvertone Orbital Hoop Earrings! The hoop earrings are static, which I was surprised by, but loved! The necklace is great, though I’ve found that if you walk vigorously, the two pendants get unnestled and jangle around like charms on the chain – grr. Regardless of that tiny annoyance, they are still both great pieces!


Geometric patterns rule! At least Friday they did with Avon’s Silvertone Linked Layered Necklace and Silvertone Metallic Thread Linear Earrings! The necklace is HEAVY so, of course, the earrings were as light as a feather! The necklace tended to flip over and twist its layers making it no longer lay flat in two parallel rows, which drove my OCD a bit bonkers. When the layers are where they are supposed to be, it is a powerful piece! BONUS: It would make a GREAT weapon – you know, in case I ever needed to whip my necklace off and beat down an attacker, that is! 😉 The earrings bob around a lot like drunken ping pong balls, but when I manage to sit still and you can actually see them not moving at warp speed, they are truly lovely!


You are now caught up on this week’s selfies! Let me know what YOU think of the jewelry and clothing pieces I demoed this week in the comments! Got selfies of your own from this past week? Share a link!

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