Hopelessly Heather

The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady

This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaigns 2 and 3 as follows:

Avon’s Metallic Mix Pendant Necklace has got something for everyone!

This necklace has practically everything but the kitchen sink! There’s a little bit of everything going on here: gold, red, charms, pearls – you name it! It’s a super long chain – the bottom of the pendant nearly hits my belly button, which is kind of insane. I used the shortest link on the back of the chain and looped it around my neck to have it hang where it does in the picture!

I love the mod vibe of Avon’s Mark Primrose Pearl Dangle Earrings – so fresh! These earrings look substantially heavy but, surprisingly, they aren’t! I honestly thought they were going to be as heavy as the other mod ones they had earlier this year, so I was delighted to find I was wrong! The flat button that hangs against the lobe is super comfy – even when talking on the phone. I’m a big fan of mod earrings that won’t make my lobes pay a hefty price of admission to wear! 

I swept Monday through the door in Avon’s Circular Pendant and Cream Summer Breeze Earrings!  Okay, y’all – the necklace is great (yada, yada, yada…), but can we talk about these earrings for a minute?! I picked them up on clearance for like $3 (rep price – PERKS!) – ridiculous! When I opened up the box, I was beyond amazed at how delicate these babies really are – SO BEAUTIFUL! They are feather light, but made of metal so they do tinkle on my ears, but they were like little tiny wind chimes! I’m not sure whether or not these have sold out or if they will be featured on clearance again, but IF you get a chance to pick yourself up a set, you will NOT be disappointed!