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It’s Favorites Friday!!

I have been using Avon Glimmersticks since the mid-90s. I have always been a huge fan of their eyeliner and brow definer, but I recently became an EVEN BIGGER fan with the re-branded True Color Glimmersticks!


Last year when I heard the company was going to “update the formula”, I assumed that meant the end of an era and that I’d have to find myself a new eyeliner/brow definer line. I bought one demo just to see how much they’d changed and was absolutely DELIGHTED that they made the formula even creamier than it was before!

My general gripe about eyeliners and brow definers is that you have to apply A LOT of pressure to get the color on – that is NOT the case with the True Color Glimmersticks! On top of that, Avon runs great sales regularly on the line, so you can stock up and get them for a steal!

I use True Color Glimmersticks Brow Definer in Blonde which has been a mainstay in makeup bag for decades.  I prefer using blonde so I can make mistakes that I can easily correct without it marring the rest of my makeup job…plus it looks more natural.  Many of my brow hairs ARE blonde – hard to believe until you see me without makeup and it looks like I don’t have brows at all!

I also use True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner in Cosmic Brown – another one of my mainstays.  It goes on smooth and easy so I don’t yank on my eyelids during application. Plus, it self sharpens!   WHAT?!

They have a huge range of shades and types, something to please everyone’s particular taste: eye/lip/brow liners that are regular/waterproof and a diamonds line (they have sparkles)!

What is your fave eyeliner/brow definer/lip liner and why?

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