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Avon’s Mark Boho Babe Necklace is a stunner!  It is SUCH a beautiful and substantial piece! This genuine agate stone is carved into the shape of an arrow with antique gold plating – despite its name, it can easily be worn with any style of outfit!


Over-accessorized? NEVER! Avon’s Ultra Glam Statement Earrings are definitely attention stealers! These earrings are on the heavy side, but are absolutely stunning! Had I ever managed to be alone in the elevator at work on Tuesday, I’d have made a video to show how much these zing sparkles all over the place! (I simply can’t bring myself to take a selfie video in an elevator full of professional people in my own office building…) Unfortunately, it looks like these are currently sold out on my eStore and I’m not sure if they will be back in stock again.


When you’d rather be at the beach, but you’ve gotta pay the bills, wearing Avon’s Beachy Beaded Blush Teardrop Earrings isn’t a terrible alternative! While I find rose gold pretty, I’m not drawn to it so I almost never wear it and don’t own many pieces of it. Regardless, if you are drawn to rose gold pieces, these earrings are lovely and lightweight.


I let my hair do its natural thing on Thursday as I had gotten it cut on Tuesday night. I had only wanted a couple of inches off with some long layers, but she went kind of crazy and my hair is MUCH shorter than I had wanted. No biggie – it’ll grow back, just not what I really wanted. And, as a result, my hair is FREAKING OUT that so much was cut off, so I didn’t bother fighting to blow it out and straighten it as I figured it had been traumatized quite enough. Anyway, I finally donned Avon’s Mark Hang Together Necklace and Mark Fancy That Statement Earrings! I loved these pieces and SHOULD have worn them much sooner…like when they were actually being sold – DOH! Regardless, while I love both of them, I do have a couple of comments: (1) The third chain in the layered necklace should be a bit longer – it only hangs a couple of inches higher than I thought would be perfect, but still…; and, (2) The earrings are [wait for it] a bit heavy. I’m a middle aged lady – I have enough things drooping and really don’t want to add my earlobes to the ever expanding list!


Friday’s lippie was Avon’s True Color Bold Lipstick in Bold Bordeaux.  Red lipsticks are difficult for me to wear as I have a lot of yellow in my skin tone. This one looked promising as it seemed to have a bit of brown in it, but it still turned a deep reddish/pink on me. :/ Back to the drawing board!   Are YOU ready to go bold?


And there you have it for this week’s selfies! Let me know what you think of the jewelry pieces and/or lipstick below!

3 thoughts on “Red Lips and Agate

  1. Rakkelle says:

    The Boho necklace is indeed a stunner. Gorgeous piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. eyeonjewels says:

    Beautiful!! These earrings are on the heavy side, but are absolutely stunning!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      I agree—definitely only wear for a few hours!


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