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If you follow me at all, you’ve noticed that I post a lot of selfies showing off Avon products. Why? This is one of the best marketing tools out there. Most customers (especially eCustomers) crave a personal relationship with their Avon lady – and this is one virtual way to help with that! Not only will the selfie be a testimonial/review of whatever product you are showing off, but your customers will see YOU using the product. Seeing your face regularly will help customers trust you and want to order from you.

There are several ways to attain selfies: using your own cell phone camera either in hand or by selfie-stick, having someone take a photo of you or setting up your own digital camera on a tripod and use the timer feature.

PRO TIP: When taking a selfie with a selfie-stick, hold down the shutter button on the stick and release it once you’ve got the shot framed that you want – this helps to avoid blurriness from moving while taking the shot.

Some basic selfie tips:

Angle. Everyone possesses a “good side”.  The side that seems to smile more.  The side that seems to have fewer flaws and generally just light up better.  Find your good side.  Use it regularly.  Play around with angles ON your good side.  Don’t know which is your good or bad side? Take a similar selfie from both sides and compare.

Lighting. Make sure to take photos in good light. Natural sunlight is ideal, but not always possible (particularly in rainy Oregon/Washington) . If you take selfies on your cell phone, invest in a selfie ring – it’s a clip on light for your cell phone. Bright white light is preferable.  If worse comes to worst, find the brightest lit room!

Cropping. Make sure to crop out distracting backgrounds and unflattering bits. Play around with different ways to crop your photos – close in, far away, etc. The variety will make your posts more interesting.

Filters. Instagram has the BEST premade filters! These are my personal secret weapons – mostly because I’m too lazy to learn how to correct my photos myself and I just don’t have time for that. Placing the proper filter on a photo will make it go from good to great! I LOVE trying out several filters before deciding which to go with.

Variety. Make sure to have fun with your selfies! Show your personality and every aspect of it. Be goofy, sweet, pretty, sad, mad…whatever you’re feeling, show it! Customers connect with and are drawn to honesty.

What are YOUR selfie tips?

2 thoughts on “Selfie Tips

  1. Rakkelle says:

    What are my selfie tips? Hold the camera / phone at least a foot above your head. It’ll make you look thinner. Ha!

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