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prima-collection.jpgIt’s Favorites Friday!!

I’ve got ADHD when it comes to my daily fragrance selection by switching things up regularly, but I am absolutely, positively hung up on Avon’s Prima Eau de Parfum line! Prima resides on my bathroom counter in the spring and summer while Prima Noir takes over in fall and winter!

The bottles are totally adorbs by mimicking the shape of a pointe shoe (or a ballerina, depending on how you interpret the bottle itself) and the fragrances themselves are delish!!  

Prima mists out the light layered scent of plum, bergamot, rose, clearwood, oak moss and patchouli while Prima Noir combines the scent of violet, jasmine and vanilla.  While the list of fragrance notes make both sound like floral scents, both are members of the warm and spicy category!

Probably my most favorite thing about these two fragrances is that both of them work extremely well when layering with other scents because neither of them are overpowering, but they both still hold their own.  Speaking of which, do YOU layer scents?

What’s your favorite fragrance?!


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