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Generate interest and buzz for your Avon business by doing a giveaway! There are an unlimited number of contests and giveaways you can run. What you choose to do will depend on your budget and desired result.

What do you want to accomplish?
First, you need to figure out what your end goal is. Do you want more interaction in a group or on a post? Do you want more people to like your business page? Do you want more folks to share your content? Do you want customers to share selfies of them using Avon products?

Whatever your end goal is, you can require folks to complete certain actions in order to gain an entry to the contest. You can require them to reply to the contest post with a comment or a photo, you can require them to like your business page, you can require them to share a post and on and on. It’s all up to YOU!

What to give away?
This is a personal decision as your budget and what items you have on hand will vary greatly from others. You can choose to give away any number of things from small to elaborate from a single lip balm or a discount all the way up to a gift certificate or basket full of goodies! People LOVE getting free stuff!

How long should the contest run?
I have run contests for one week and found that interest wanes after about 3 days…so now I run my contests for 3 days or less.

Where should the contest run?
Again, this is totally up to you and where your customers typically interact with your business; however, this can also be a strategy to create interest and buzz in a new(er) place for your business as well. You can run contests in person, on social media, through your blog or even through email utilizing brochure inserts with entry instructions for customers you hand out brochures to!

How should the winner be chosen?
I prefer to use a free website called Wheel Decide to put in all my entrants’ names and change the wheel options (color themes, length of spin, etc.) to suit my taste/need for each drawing. After I’ve readied the wheel, I usually will do a Live FB video during the drawing, then I make sure to tag the winner in the comments! Again, this is completely up to your own taste and desire – I used to just take a screenshot of the winner chosen and tag the winner with the screenshot photo in my Avon FB group…though I think the video makes it a little more personal, plus it’s not unusual for one or both of my cats to make an appearance in the videos which EVERYONE loves!

All in all, contests are FUN! They create excitement on both sides of the equation – customers are excited to win free loot and YOU are excited by the increased attention and interaction with your business. It’s totally a win-win with a potentially small investment!

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