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youtube-344106_1280Got personality to spare? Consider marketing yourself and your Avon business on YouTube! Being quirky and unique are heavily rewarded on YouTube plus by gaining a following, you’re likely to also gain customers and recruits! In addition, video is the fastest growing marketing area with tons of folks actually preferring to watch a video rather than see a regular run of the mill ad. A few tips:

Make sure to create a YouTube channel so folks can subscribe to it and be notified every time you post a new video!

Make sure to bring in an extra light source if you are filming your videos indoors – or take your production outdoors into the sunlight!

If you don’t already have one, invest in a decent microphone setup. You can get a phone based one or a desk based one (I have one of each) that are affordable on Amazon.

Make sure to type up your script and enter it into the closed captioning section while uploading a new video – this will help those hard of hearing to be able to enjoy your videos too!

Most folks have a short attention span, so try to keep your videos shorter than 3 minutes. However once you have a following, that rule of thumb will go completely out the window!

Share your video links everywhere! It should go unsaid that all social media you participate in should get blasted along with any blogs and email lists. If the video is evergreen (meaning that the content remains good no matter how much time has passed), make sure to reshare it regularly. Add your favorite YouTube video to your Avon eStore and watch those views increase!

Most of all, be yourself and HAVE FUN – the internet community can smell a fake a mile away!


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