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It’s Favorites Friday!!

I have a confession to make: I don’t drink coffee or tea – I think they both taste disgusting.  In November 2017, I also stopped drinking soda for several months, but found I needed something to keep me awake and help me function in the AMs.  Avon’s Espira Natural Energy came to my rescue!

When first testing this out, I was mostly concerned that it would make me feel nauseous or jittery.  I can’t tolerate either one of those side effects on a daily basis.  I was delighted to learn that as long as I eat something small when taking it in the morning, my heart and tummy are spared the agony!

The other main thing I noticed was how long the effect lasts.  One single capsule in the morning keeps me alert until mid-afternoon, which is pretty miraculous.  While I have been known to pop another capsule in the afternoon, I usually prefer to drink a soda instead.  (For those dying to know, Diet Dr. Pepper is my personal weapon of choice.)

What’s one of YOUR favorite products (or your favorite soda) this week? Tell us in the comments!


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