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Monday’s look featured Avon’s Mila Dress, Hematite Contemporary Beads Necklace (and Earring Set) and Café Chic Drop Earrings – classy, elegant and the perfect weight dress for an early autumn day!

This dress is such a simple basic style, but feels and looks high end and high class – what more could you ask for?! Despite being tweed, it still has give and moves easily. I love looking put together without an outfit being fussy!


The necklace is certainly a conversation starter! Again, pictures just can’t do it justice – it shines and sparkles in real life. The earrings are of medium weight – heavier than they look, but not at all uncomfortable. They can easily be paired with a dressy or a casual outfit.


Tuesdays call for a LBD and some sorcery with Avon’s Eva Dress, Celestial Spirits Black Locket and Celestial Spirits Goldtone Stud Earrings!

This structured LBD is a terrific weight for the fall and winter! It’s a flattering style and, because it’s a wardrobe basic, you can do ANYTHING with it. My one gripe about it is that the lining isn’t tacked down, so it has a tendency to bunch up around my waist with movement. Nothing a needle and thread won’t fix, but still!


I could take someone out with the locket – it’s SUPER heavy! While it’s a beautiful piece, it definitely conjures up visions of witches and I half expect green otherworldly smoke to curl out when I open it! Despite the earrings being part of the same collection, they have more of a vintage vibe to me. Overall an unusual combination!


Sweet and mystical – just how I like my Wednesdays! I achieved both with Avon’s Silvertone Generations of Love Necklace Set and Charming Mystique Moon Earrings!

Shockingly, the necklaces (there are three separate ones) actually hung properly virtually all day long! I honestly thought I’d constantly be disentangling them and pulling them back to the center so they were all in alignment, but I only did that ONCE – after my power walk at lunch (so totally understandable)! The necklaces themselves are the CUTEST! You can wear them all together, individually or bust up the set and hand a couple of them out to your besties!

The earrings are a stunning sapphire blue and are SO breathtaking! I had a hard time tearing my eyes away from them in the mirror – they really stand out without being actual “statement” pieces! What is it that they say: size doesn’t matter? 😉


Thursday you could find me supporting the fight on breast cancer by wearing Avon’s Pink Hope Wings of Courage Necklace – a portion of every one purchased is donated to the cause!

Unfortunately this brand new necklace is currently back ordered! It sure is a beauty and, of course, it represents an amazing cause! Hopefully they will come back in stock in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October! ::crossing body parts everywhere::


I shined my way into the weekend with Avon’s Madeline Asymmetrical Tee and Pink Hope Statement Necklace/Earring Set which supports the fight on breast cancer – a portion of every Pink Hope item purchased is donated to the cause!

This top and necklace/earring set check ALL the boxes! Fancy yet comfy? CHECK! Shiny? CHECK! Supporting a good cause? CHECK!

This top is the best! It’s a shiny 3/4 length sleeved tee that is a flattering cut on anyone and makes you appear to be dressed up while you’re actually wearing a tee. Yes, please!


I opted for this necklace and earring set because I wanted to play up the fancy/dressed up angle (I did have to work my day job during the day, after all), but you could easily opt for hematite jewelry pieces to change up the style to rock-n-roll or about a million other combos. But back to the necklace and earring set: the necklace is dense and didn’t budge all day. On the flip side, the earrings look heavy, but aren’t – I’d actually forgotten about them until I put the phone to my ear.

So, overall – these are wins!


And that covers this week’s selfies! Let me know what YOU think of the jewelry and clothing pieces I wore this week in the comments!  Got selfies of your own from this past week? Drop a link!

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    Well hello, Gorgeous!

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      Aww, thanks! 😊

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