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prod_1200832_xl_3.jpgIt’s Favorites Friday!!

While the Anew Hydra Fusion In-Shower Mask is a brand spankin’ new product, I’ve used it daily since my demo arrived about a month ago and I love it!


For those of you who don’t already know, I have very oily skin that’s also sensitive, acne-prone and aging – it’s a cruel world.  So, once I find a moisturizer that works, it takes a lot of convincing to even get me to try another one and, when I do, most of them immediately cause a god awful breakout, so I abandon the test and go back to what I know works.


I’m a big fan of streamlining my morning routine and the more I can accomplish before stepping out of the shower, the better.  All the reps who attended Repfest a couple of months ago were raving about it, so I figured I’d test it out.  I fully expected to be disappointed and boy was I wrong!

First, I have to point out one hiccup.  The usage instructions state: “At the end of shower or over a sink, pour small amount into palm of hand and pat directly onto cleansed face. Do not rinse. Use daily or as needed.” Umm, anyone who understands the properties of a water-like substance will immediately see the dilemma I ran into.  How on earth do you pat it on your face when it pours down your hand as soon as you tip it?  My solution: I place a small amount in the palm of my hand, then face plant into it – certainly not ideal.  I groaned about this tiny annoyance and another rep suggested purchasing an empty spray bottle and pouring the product into it – GENIUS! It now only takes about 10 seconds to apply!

The product itself smells very fresh and clean with a light raspberry scent.  I’ve accidentally found out that it, unfortunately, does not taste like raspberries.  I was concerned about not rinsing it afterwards and the mask feeling like a heavy film on my skin, but it really doesn’t.  It feels a bit slimy for about a minute and then it gets locked into my pores and my face feels ultra hydrated.  The best part?  It lasts all day!


The mask contains: (1) hyaluronic acid, a super hydrator that is found naturally in skin, but lost with age and holds more than 1,000 times its weight in water; and, (2) raspberry antioxidant, a long touted potent ingredient that is nothing but great for skin! As a result, you get crazy hydration that lasts and a defense from environmental stressors – total win!


It has now completely replaced the day cream I had been using for quite a long while.  I have not regretted the switch for one second, which is a nice way of saying my face didn’t freak out and reject it, plus it delivers on its promises! I do feel as though my skin is improving though time will be the real test – and I’m more than willing to give it!

What’s one of your new favorite products?


4 thoughts on “Favorites Friday: Anew Hydra Fusion In-Shower Mask

  1. Rakkelle says:

    Doesn’t make your skin more oily though?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      Surprisingly, no! It’s much lighter than a cream or lotion…almost like a thin film on my skin. I’ve noticed no difference in how oily my skin is, only that blemishes have dimished to a degree.

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