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Every year on Halloween our house receives between 200-300 trick-or-treaters. Last year I tried something new and I’m doing it again this year – handing out bombitas! If you are unfamiliar with what a bombita is, it’s simply a goody bag.

This year, mine include: (1) Avon flyer booklet folded in half with all my labels on them; (2) pieces of chocolate candy; (1) recruiting flyer; (1) business card); (1) men’s fragrance sample with my label on it; (1) women’s fragrance sample with my label on it; and, (1) flyer for my upcoming holiday open house folded in half lengthwise, then in quarters width-wise.

I shove all of the above items in one ziploc goody bag from the dollar store (40 for $1!) then place a punny label on the outside of the ziploc stating “Take me to your mummy!”

I will be handing all 50 of them out to (hopefully) potential customers and new team members (AKA: parents)! In addition, I’ll be posting my yard sign proclaiming that “The Avon Lady Lives Here” which always results in a few ladies asking for a brochure!

In order to utilize this idea, you don’t have to wait for Halloween to roll around – several Avon reps make bombitas every campaign and hand them out as thank yous to friends, family and folks in the service industry. I make bigger bombitas (which include more samples and a full sized brochure) for the vendor events I participate in.

People love free stuff!

What are your Halloween plans? How do you intend to incorporate your business?

2 thoughts on “Halloween Bombitas

  1. Rakkelle says:

    Wow!!! Excellent idea….Happy Halloween!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      Thank you – you too! 👻


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