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In early August, I wrote a blog post discussing my daughter’s kitty, Bellatrix (AKA: Belly), and her fight with cancer.  I ran a fundraiser to assist with steep costs associated with the treatments she was going through and would be facing.  Some of this blog’s wonderful readers supported that fundraiser and/or the Go Fund Me fundraiser.  Again, thank you all for your love and support!  Now to catch you up to where Belly is today. 

I don’t usually share fundraisers or boldly ask for my readers’ monetary support, but this one hits close to home and I figured I’d put it out on my blog just in case there are readers who feel compelled to help out.

My daughter’s beloved cat, Bellatrix AKA Belly, has been diagnosed with cancer on her hip, sickle cell or soft cell sarcoma. The surgical consultation is on August 20, 2019 and limb amputation is a possibility. All this comes at a steep cost, which Catherine and her husband do not currently have at their disposal.