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Last Saturday I took the hubs out for dinner and to see Bill Burr perform for his delayed anniversary gift. Have you seen pics of my hubs? I can’t NOT dress up for date night! Sooo, because it was stupid hot here, I threw on a sleeveless swing dress and adorned it with Avon’s Fabulous Floral Linear Earrings (which are, unfortunately, sold out)!
37188920_10156466663753550_2341084701936058368_o (1)

I kicked off the work week in Avon’s Two Tier Chandelier Earrings – they were INSANE! They were such a huge statement by themselves that I couldn’t bring myself to wear a necklace with them! SIDE NOTE: If you are not blessed with a stupid long neck like me, you may not want to own these else they lay on your shoulders rather than swing with abandon!


On Tuesday, I stepped outside my comfort zone by donning ear bracelets (I swear this term WILL catch on!), which caused quite the social media frenzy of comments.   It’s my own fault though, since I posted this along with the selfie:

Last week I wore a pair of hoop earrings that were out of my comfort zone size-wise – this week I’m blowing the diameter of those hoops out of the water with Avon’s Silvertone Modern Adorned Hoop Earrings! It’s like wearing bracelets in my ears! (Now you can’t unsee it, amiright?) I bought these not knowing how large they were and immediately noped them when I opened the box, but I figured I’d take them out for a test run and see what everyone else had to say about them. So, what say you: YAY or NAY?

My use of social media crowd sourcing worked but not how I’d anticipated.  Many commenters liked or loved the earrings on me, while only a few didn’t.  With each yay, I became more resolute in my own dislike of them on me.  I simply wasn’t comfortable wearing them.  When one commenter joked: “you know what they say, the bigger the hoops…”, several ladies replied that they had no idea what she was getting at.  They ended up consulting Google and were shocked.  I was more shocked that they had never heard the phrase before – it’s been around a long time and, to be honest, was part of the negative dialogue in my head when it came to these.  Regardless, while the earrings won’t be making another appearance on my ears, they WERE beautiful in and of themselves.


I followed up the big hoop debacle with pieces that made me feel much more myself on Thursday in Avon’s Pave Desert Pendant Necklace, which I’d looped around my neck an extra layer so it hung where I’d wanted it, along with Avon’s Silvertone Reina Teardrop Earrings that I’d picked up on clearance (now sold out)!


You are now caught up on this past week’s selfies!  Let me know what YOU think of the ear bracelets and other pieces I demoed this week by dropping a line in the comments! BONUS POINTS if you link to you showing off YOUR week’s selfies!

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