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anew-sweepstakesWant to build up your skin care customer base? Offer up FREE skin care trials! Following is a post I put up in my Facebook VIP customer group a couple of years ago – every single person who tested out the skin care line is now a regular skin care customer of mine! Check out the post I wrote up and adapt it to your needs!

“Are you interested in changing up your skin care routine?

Did you know that Avon’s Anew lines are equal in quality to those in department stores that typically cost at least twice as much? Add in Avon’s great sale prices and you’ve got department store quality at drugstore prices!

NEEDED: Three volunteers interested in testing out the following Anew skin care lines for two weeks ON ME: Reversalist (1), Ultimate (1) and Platinum (1). Find out which line you’re a candidate for by completing the interactive questionnaire.

ELIGIBILITY: You MUST NOT be a current Anew skin care customer.

THE RULES: You MUST agree to use ONLY the Anew samples for your daily skin care routine for an uninterrupted 14 days to begin the day or day after you receive the samples. Upon the completion of the 14 day trial, you MUST review your results publically (photos are not required, but are appreciated) in this Facebook group once complete.

Assuming the eligibility requirement is met, the first person to respond with their corresponding skin care line (Reversalist, Ultimate or Platinum – one of each is available) below will receive one 14 day supply of cleanser, day cream and night cream. I will also throw in a sample of the Anew Power Serum for you to test out, should you so choose.

This is a time sensitive post, since the next campaign (C4/16) will have the Anew lines on a huge sale for folks to stock up!

#AvonAnew #AvonSkinCare #AnewTrialsHMC”

I tend to stock up on all of Avon’s trial size and mini products so I can allow customers to test them out on my nickel and I always require them to write up an honest review that is shared in the group. Best of all, once you get someone to actually try Avon’s great products, they are almost always delighted by them PLUS they are affordable! While I understand providing free test kits to customers is an expense, I can say I’ve come out ahead on the deal and I strongly suspect you will too!

Post your take on the idea in the comments below!

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