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It’s Favorites Friday!

Today you get a two-fer because they go together like peanut butter and jelly: Avon’s True Color Smooth Minerals Blush and Pro Blush Brush!

When Avon discontinued my longstanding go-to shade of blush several years ago, I stepped outside my comfort zone and tested out the loose powder of the Smooth Minerals Blush line. I’d historically only ever purchased blushes that came pressed into a compact with a short brush to use, so making the jump to using loose powdered blush was completely foreign to me. When it arrived, I was embarrassed to realize that I didn’t own a blush brush…so I ordered one and I’ve never looked back!

My everyday shade of choice is Hearty Peach and it can go on light or heavy, depending on whatever look I’m interested in achieving. I’ve learned over time that WAY too much powder ends up in the top portion for me to swipe my brush through, so I’ve adapted and come up with a system. When I take my blush out of my makeup bag, I turn it on its side and tap it hard against my opposite hand’s palm to get all the powder to collect against one side. I gingerly open the top over a tissue (there’s almost always a little that spills out upon opening it), then dip my brush into the edge of the powder pile. I tap my brush gently against the side of the container so the excess falls off into the pile then, if still a bit too much is on the brush, I gently blow on the brush to obtain the proper amount before swiping it onto both cheeks and blending it in.

I’ve had the same brush for YEARS! Every couple of weeks (I’m being honest…I don’t clean my brushes as often as I should), I rinse out my brush under lukewarm water using a tiny dollop of antibacterial hand soap to sanitize it, then press out the excess water with my fingers making sure to keep the bristles flat and in line before setting it out to air dry. My blush brush has never lost a bristle and even after dozens (hundreds?) of washes, it’s still soft and pliable to be able to do its job well and comfortably!

I can’t imagine going back to a pressed blush and a crappy blush brush again!

What’s one of your favorite products?!

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