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First, a huge thank you to my sister Avon and mark. fashion blogger Word of Alicia for inviting me to do this blog collaboration, featuring this post on her blog and pushing me to do something new and different – this has been a blast! Make sure to check out her blog – it’s definitely worth subscribing! You can also find more of (and follow) her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Now, without further ado…

What would you do if you won an entire collection of Paris inspired jewelry? Have a fashion shoot, right?! Throw on your scarves and hold on to your berets while I take you along a bit of my fashion shoot of Avon’s Fall for Paris jewelry line…and some of their clothing!

This is a classic Parisian look featuring the Mila Dress accessorized with the Choker Necklace and Stud Earring Trio (I picked the clusters) from the Diamondesque line and Gunmetal Coil Bracelet from the Contemporary Beads Collection. The dress is a beautiful herringbone tweed in a neutral grey with an adorable ruffle along the hem – a very feminine, but not girly, touch. What I love most about this dress is its flexibility to dress it up for a night out or sensibly for work and just about any other occasion you can imagine. Accessories alone set the tone for this piece.


For several days before this fashion shoot, I repeatedly dreamt about one specific shot – and this is it! It’s a close up from the look above featuring the same pieces, though the bracelet is out of the shot.


This structured LBD (Avon’s Eva Dress) is in a deliciously thick ponté fabric that looks summery, but is definitely built for fall! If you’re into the fun graphic mod look from the 60s, then the Modern Geo Collection is totally your bag! I didn’t have the heart to break up the set, so I wore the Statement Necklace, Drop Earrings and Stretch Bracelet to complete the overall look.


I’m still in the LBD from the photo above but I swapped out the jewelry pieces and opted instead for the Maroon Necklace (minus the earrings from the set) and Metro Maroon Watch from the Contemporary Beads Collection as well as the Goldtone Stud Earrings from the Celestial Spirits Collection. It’s impossible to showcase in a photo just how sparkly the necklace is – such a stunning piece!


I’m still in the LBD from the two photos above, but with the skinny rectangles from the Diamondesque Stud Earring Trio and the Pearly Parisian Collection Fringe Necklace that I looped around my neck to give it a layered look – one of my favorite tricks to shorten a long necklace and quasi-satisfy my longtime lust for chokers.


I switched things up with the super shimmery Madeline Asymmetrical Tee – a thin (but not sheer) fabric that’s a perfect weight for the end of summer! This tee looks like a party but feels like a comfy night in – the best of both worlds! The Gunmetal Contemporary Beads Collection Necklace (again, minus the matching earrings from the set) and Hoop Earrings from the Diamondesque Collection finish off the look by adding more glitz to the mix!


I’m still in the tee from the above photo, but I went a completely different direction with the Pearly Parisian Collection Layered Bracelet and Celestial Spirits Drop Earrings – this look screams New Orleans French Quarter to me…all I need is a crystal ball or tarot cards to complete the picture! All kidding aside, the most surprising jewelry piece I received were these earrings – they are so much more amazing in person than the stock photo in the brochure gives them credit for!


I’m still in the tee from above and I stuck to the Celestial Spirits Collection showing off its Orbit Pendant Necklace and Goldtone Stud Earrings (again).


I opted to put two showstoppers together for this look because I just had to find an excuse to break out the leopard print Kamila Coat! This piece is probably the piece I’m most excited about owning – I’m chomping at the bit to be able to wear this for real…it’s a surprisingly heavy coat! Dangling from my ears are the Pearly Parisian Collection Fringe Earrings – an early favorite of mine that deserves to be showcased without a competing necklace!


And now, onto the artsy product shots (I seriously owe you, mom!) that properly shows off all my jewelry winnings from Avon without me muddying up the shots!

The Modern Geo Collection: Statement Necklace, Drop Earrings and Stretch Bracelet:


Diamondesque Collection Necklace and Earring Set:


Celestial Spirits Collection: Moon Pendant Necklace and Drop Earrings:


Deep Red Autumn Romance Collection: Pendant Necklace, Stud Earrings and Drop Earrings; Celestial Spirits Collection: Orbit Pendant Necklace, Goldtone Stud Earrings and Black Locket; Modern Geo Collection Linear Earrings; Maroon Contemporary Beads Collection: Necklace (earrings from the set not pictured) and Metro Maroon Watch:


Diamondesque Collection: Hoop Earrings and Flex Bracelet; Café Chic Collection Tassel Statement Earrings; Pearly Parisian Collection Fringe Necklace; Gunmetal Contemporary Beads Collection: Necklace (earrings from the set not pictured) Coil Bracelet and Modern Mesh Strap Watch:


Café Chic Collection: Long Tassel Necklace and Drop Earrings:


Pearly Parisian Collection: Statement Necklace, Fringe Earrings and Layered Bracelet:


Are you ready to visit the Eiffel Tower yet? I know I am!


6 thoughts on “Paris Inspired Fashion Shoot

  1. Rakkelle says:

    Gorgeous pictures! All of them….You go Ms. Fashion Model. You’re a natural.

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    1. hethrgood says:

      LOADS of thanks goes to my mom for taking the pics – she’s the genius. I am NOT a model, but it was sure fun to play one for part of a day and have photographic proof after! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rakkelle says:

        You looked fantastic in all the shots.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. hethrgood says:

          All the shots I *posted*! 😉


  2. Cate says:


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