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Avon is killing it with their Iconic Collection! I showed off the Iconic Avon Pearly Poinsettia Necklace and Earring Set (sadly, already sold out) and Iconic Lipstick in Wine Kisses – a limited edition shade just for this collection!

The jewelry set is old-fashioned in many respects: appearance, design, materials, size and weight! Dear lord, these things are heavy! You can see the earring tipping forward on my lobe from pure heft. Aside from that fact, they are classic retro pieces, which you all know I appreciate! One small gripe: because the pendant is such a considerable weight and size, I felt the necklace chain was both too short and too dainty a gauge to support it. Yes, I know I can swap out chains, but that’s not the point…

Being such a vintage freak, I am in love with the design of the iconic line – particularly the lipsticks! The cases are so dreamy and even the boxes they are packaged in are stupid cute! This color goes on super dark (such a deep purple it was nearly black, like vamp), but stains out to a delicious berry shade. I’ll definitely wear the color again.

46498276_2184408915180501_1452665850560512000_o (1)

I wore Avon’s Iconic Lipstick in Sugar Plum – while the lipstick case and its corresponding box get top marks from me, the shade isn’t plum at all on me…it pulls way too hot pink for my taste. :/

I’ve already raved over the iconic lipstick line concerning the cases and boxes above, so I won’t regurgitate that portion of my review.

This particular color is allegedly a plum shade (it even appears to be plummish in the tube), but went on a bright pink red. WTF? I honestly thought someone was playing a prank on me and that it was one of those color changing mood lipsticks or something. Those that have read my reviews for a while know lots of reds pull pink with my heavy yellow undertones, but this shade looks like it would pull a purple-y berry. The mind boggles…


Wednesday I sported Avon’s Iconic Lipstick in Holiday Chocolate – this shade is the perfect neutral/nude (depending on how fair your skin tone is) to wear if you want to play up your eyes.  And, of course, the luscious lipstick case. I just can’t get over them! Too pretty.

46507854_2185161828438543_3026137886933123072_o (1).jpg

Thanksgiving was a great excuse to dress up, so I donned Avon’s Ravishing Red Drop Earrings which I picked up on clearance (no longer available) and finally legitimately wore my leopard print Kamila Coat from their Fall for Paris line a few months ago!

It seems I’m always a little late to the party when it comes to wearing certain clothing pieces – they seem to be released before our local weather is ready to support them…but on Thanksgiving the weather was cold and rainy…perfect for the Kamila Coat’s real world debut!

I wore the coat for a few photos in the Fall for Paris photo shoot back in early September and it is much heavier than I would have imagined, thus the long wait. Plus, it’s fancy. And you can’t wear leopard with everything. Well, you probably can…but maybe you shouldn’t. And I certainly don’t. But I digress…

Back to the coat. It’s no longer available, but it’s such a stunner! And it’s not just pretty, it’s also functional! Nice deep pockets and a classic cut. I only wish it would have been available one size smaller – the smallest one was still a bit roomy on me.


Onto the earrings! When I saw these pop up as a Deal of the Day, I did a quick search to make sure I didn’t already own them (this is a testament to just how much jewelry I own – I can’t even remember what I’ve got) – and when I found them missing from my collection, I hit the button to add them to my order. And I’m so glad I did! They are very traditional in style, but super elegant too. Not at all heavy and I didn’t notice them bopping around either. I probably ought to have worn at least part of my hair up to show them off better and may opt to do so the next time I wear them. And there will be a next time!


There you have the past week of selfies! Which pieces were your favorite and how would you have styled them?

5 thoughts on “Iconic

  1. Rakkelle says:

    Those shoes! Those red shoes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      Aren’t they killer? Jimmy Choos the hubs got me in London for our anniversary this year. I’m spoiled. 😁


      1. Rakkelle says:

        They.Are.Gorgeous!!!! Love them.

        Great husbands spoil their wives. 😃

        Liked by 1 person

        1. hethrgood says:

          Me too!

          I tend to agree. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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